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Hashima Island, Japan

About Hashima Island or Gunkanjima Island or Battleship Island, Japan:- It was old coal mine are where lots of workers were work till 1974 but this Island now completely abandoned but not open to tourism purpose. Now it is a listed as UNESCO world heritage site from 2015. Tourists can visit here ruin Island all around.

How can reach:- Hashima Island or Gunkanjima Island or Battleship Island is located just 18 KM distance from Nagasaki city of the Japan country. This Island is located just 1243.4 KM far from Tokyo capital city.

"Nagasaki post" is the nearest port where tourists can get ferry to Island which is only 18.8 KM distance from Island. Daily ferry services are available to tour the Island. Only ferry is only one option to access Island.

"Nagasaki Airport" is the nearest major airport where tourists can get domestic flights along with international flights to China and South Korea It is just 56.4 KM far from Island.

Ferry Departure Timings (Hours) to Hashima Island from Nagasaki Port :-

10.00 am and 1.15 pm: Monday to Sunday

Tickets Price (Entrance Fee):-

¥ 300.0 : Adult

¥ 150.0 : 1st class to 9th class Students

Tourist Information Contact Number (Phone):- +81 95-829-1152

Total Area:- 6.3 Hectare (16 Acres)

Island Abandoned Year:- from 1974

UNESCO World Heritage site:- from 2015

Location:- Gunkanjima or Hashima Island, Japan (Southern).

Tourist Attractions:- 1974 abandoned Island which now listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, completely ruined Island which also called Ghost Island.

Things to Do:- walking to see abandoned Island, Activities on Nagasaki city (Lantern Festival, O-Kunchi - Festival, Boat ride to Iojima, Jaunt into Shianbashi).


Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 2.8 3.4 6.3 10.6 14.8 19.0 23.3 24.1 20.8 15.1 9.8 4.9
Average High (℃) 9.4 10.7 13.8 18.7 22.5 25.4 29.1 30.7 27.6 22.8 17.3 12.1

Accommodations in Nagasaki city:-

Luxury Hotels:- Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotel & Resort (+81 95-864-7777), Nagasaki Hotel Seifu (+81 570-040-268), Inasayama Kanko Hotel (+81 95-861-4151), Baishokaku Hotel (+81 95-824-2153), Hotel New Nagasaki (+81 95-826-8000), Yataro & Yataro Minamikan (+81 95-822-8166), Hotel New Tanda (+81 95-827-6121), Yataro Hotel (+81 95-828-1111).

Affordable Hotels:- Hotel Tea Time (+81 95-861-8122), Sky Hotel (+81 95-811-0303), Luke Plaza Hotel (+81 95-861-0055), Nagasaki Nisshokan Hotel (+81 95-824-2151), Route Hostel (+81 95-895-8965), Nagasaki Orion Hotel (+81 95-827-5111), Hotel Cuore Nagasaki Ekimae (+81 95-818-9000), Hotel Wing Port Nagasaki (+81 95-833-2800), Hotel Sainthill Nagasaki (+81 95-822-2251), Fujiwara Ryokan (+81 95-822-2378), Restay Hotel (+81 95-818-5777), Nagasaki International Hostel Akari (+81 95-801-7900), s Peria Hotel Nagasaki (+81 95-826-1211), Belleview Hotel (+81 95-826-5030).

Distances from Hashima Island:-

Tokyo City : 1243.4 KM

Osaka City : 770.0 KM

Nagoya City : 921.2 KM

Kyoto City : 798.5 KM

Kagoshima City : 393.3 KM

Nagasaki City : 18.8 KM

Nearest Major Airport:- "Nagasaki Airport" is a large airport of the Japan where tourists can get domestic flights and some International flights to China and South Korea. It is just 56.4 KM distance from Hashima Island.

Nearest Ferry Port:- Nagasaki post (18.8 KM) is in southern of the Nagasaki city where tourists can get ferry services to Hashima island. Private tour operators trip to around Island which trip timing is 3 hours.

Bus Services: Buses are not available available on Hashima island to tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are not available available on Hashima island to tour.