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Sea Transport in Japan

Sea Transport in Japan is one of the best and people prefer to reach nearby destination through maritime. With some 994 ports in Japan as of April 2014. The Ferries connect all the areas from Hokkaido, Okinawa island to Kyushu and Honshu. Also, the international routes are classified through smaller islands and main islands which further connects to China, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. The coastal and cross-channel ferries are towards the main islands towards the routes and frequencies with the developments of bridges and expressways which are still operating. The maritime services are well defined with multi-purpose container terminals such as with the Cargo, Passenger, Naval and fisheries.

Since, Japan is an island nation along with transport revolving around the sea and connectivity with channels and thus the extensive inland water-work and network with the countries rivers also the short and fast flowing rivers supporting the water system. The seaport with the coastal regions where the rivers are somewhat wider and quieter it makes easy for big ferries and cruise ships to reach mainland. The Osaka which is a seaport with extensive moats and waterways makes the trade and warehousing section of the city to easily find the trades route and buyers. The Lake Biwa was also used for the transport of Goods and services and the principal freight was rice which came from North of Kyoto along the Japan sea coast.

If we see the ancient past of any civilization then any societies have emerged near water which is partly because of the food and resources in abundance found in such area. The Japan carry the tradition of following the maritime rules of the nations around the world and carry forward the obligations of safety standards set for the fleet. The Japan stands out to be the third wealthiest economy in the world which receives an overall of 524, 100 million Dollars in exports from the third countries per year. The ocean freight to Japan from European Union countries by developing since the second half of the 20th Century.

The various ports which are around Japan can be named as follows:

. Port of Kobe

. Port of Tokyo

. Port of Osaka

Also, along the various large numbers of ports around the Archipelago Nation such as Hiro, Imambari, Iwakuni, Matsuyama, Moji along with Naoetsu and also Yokkaicho and Yokohama including make it one of the strongest maritime nations around the world.