Amami Oshima Island Tour, Japan

About Amami Oshima:- Amami Oshima is one of the largest island in the Amami Archpelago which is between Kysuhu and Okinawa and is in the region of Satsunan islands. The island which is divided into the city of Amami along with towns of Tatsugo, Setouchi and the villages of Uken and Yamato in Kagoshima Prefecture. Much of the islands is to be found within the borders of the Amami Gunto National Park. The uncertainty about the settlement of Amami Oshima got settled once the settlement wit Japanese Paleolithic period along with artifacts and the Japanese Chronicle with Nihon Shoki made the Amami Oshima for the people to feel the presence of a great island.

How can reach:- Amami oshima Island is situated in East China Sea which is the part of the Japan country. It is just 1741.8 KM far from Tokyo capital city.

Its nearest sea port is Amami (15.6 KM from Amami city) where tourists can get ferry services to other part of the Islands and Kagoshima port (380 KM) main land of the Japan.

"Amami Airport" is just 30.2 KM distance from Amami city centre where tourists can get domestic flights to other cities of the Japan country.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Amami Airport" is a main airport of the Island where tourists can get domestic flights to other cities of the Japan country. It is exact 30.2 KM far from Amami city.

Nearest Port:- Amami (15.2 KM Far). Tourists can get ferry services to Kagoshima port (380 KM) which to main land of the Japan country.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Amami Airport" (30.2 Km) to Amami oshima Island tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Amami Airport" (30.2 Km) to Amami oshima Island tour.

Total Cover Area:- 712.35 SQ KM

Japan National Treasure site:- Yes

Location:- Amami, Japan (Southern, East China Sea).

Tourist Attractions:- Enjoyment on Ohama Beach, Sakihara Beach, Tomori Beach, Diego Tree Alley, , Materia Falls, Ogama mountain, Ayamine Cape, Amami Museum, Observation Forest.

Things to Do:- Water sports on Beaches (Ohama, Sakihara, Tomori), Bike Riding, photo safari car tour.

Amami Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 11.3 11.7 13.4 16.7 19.5 22.9 25.4 25.3 23.7 20.3 16.8 13.0
Average High (℃) 17.0 17.5 19.8 23.3 26.0 29.0 32.1 31.7 30.2 26.7 23.0 19.2

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Distances from Amami city:-

Tokyo City : 1741.8 KM

Yokohama City : 1728.1 KM

Osaka City : 1268.7 KM

Nagoya City : 1419.6 KM

Sapporo City : 2711.7 KM

Kyoto City : 1297.0 KM

Nara City : 1298.6 KM