Gion Matsuri (Kyoto) Festival, Japan

Festival History:- The Tokushima is the capital city of Tokushima prefecture on Shikoku island in Japan. A dance festival which brings out the best in you as the fool’s dance by other name has more than thousands dancers coming from all over and the origins date back to 400 years. The nickname of the fool’s dance is given because the lyrics to common song explains that both the people are fools and you can dance which is a common though when we are children, making us feel superior and parents being the fool. It says that fools are dancing and fools are watching so you can also dance on your own.

Festival celebration:- Some of the events happen during the daytime, the time and the main performance takes place 18:00 to 22:30 and the “ren” is performed in blocked off streets of downtown Tokushima. The amateurs assemble just before the group dance and then go in a procession with designated spectator areas and the traditional musical instruments are played with much of enchantment to the crowd. The evening takes its own toll as the people after dancing throughout the day into a large dance stage and the six different stages are displayed with more of dancing and takes place outside the stage areas.

The festival is so colorful and is performed by dozens of Yumeiren groups together in the Minami-Uchimachi district and with huge attraction of dance festival, which attracts more than 1 million people over its four-day run in 2017. The festival celebration is staged under a financial cloud and the city’s tourism association also allows a kite dance along with the acrobatic dancer on spotlight and as the spotlight goes on the cartwheels along with the tight formation of the team dancers.

The Festival food:- The food at these festivals are common Japanese foods but served with special attention and the Japanese are known to treat food with respect. The same food which is served into the restaurants during the food festival is provided with utmost care and thus the delicacies attract the crowd as the local wine is also served with the food.

Festival facts:- If food facts are concerned then the Futomaki or Maki Sushi along with Takoyaki are some of the food items which gives the person some exotic feelings. The festival is held every August for 4 days from (12th to 15th ) and is an awesome experience which is related to Japanese culture and history.