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Japan Holiday to Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 18-July-2022

About The Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple Destination: Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple is a famous temple which is located in Japan country. the Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple was built in 850 which is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Treasure of Japan.

How Can Reach to The Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple: It is located in Nishiiwai District of the Japan country. Nishiiwai District is well connected to other Japanese domestic placers via air transport, road transport and train transport.

By Air Transport: Iwate Hanamaki Airport is a nearest airport where people can get air transport services to Japanese domestic places.

By train Transport: Hiraizumi Station - Train station is the central railway station where people can get train transport services to other domestic places.

Things to Do near of The Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple: people can do many things to do in Nishiiwai District which some are prayer in Konjikido of Chusonji Temple, water sports activities into the River Kitakami, explore Japanese local people social and culture activities, eat Japanese local foods, buy famous gifts in local markets, camping, watch local museum, walking in deep forest, Japan local & bullet train riding etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple: people can watch many famous places in Nishiiwai District which some are the following.

Attractions near Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple: Kyozo of Chusonji Temple - Place of worship, Sekiyama Tenmangu Shrine - Shinto shrine, Chusonji Tokusetsu Fire Brigade - Fire station, Belfly of Chusonji Temple - Cultural landmark, Shinjuin Temple - Buddhist temple, Noh Stage of Hakusan Shrine - Shinto shrine, Hondo of Chusonji Temple - Buddhist temple, Yakuimon Gate of Chusonji Temple - Buddhist temple etc.

Other attractions in Nishiiwai District: Chojagahara Temple Site - Historical landmark, Takadachi Bridge, Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center - Local history museum, Hiraizumi World Heritage Information Center - Local history museum, Hiraizumi Daimonjiyaki Observatory, Shirayama Shrine - Shinto shrine, Cattle Museum, Inaokichiku Community Shobo Center - Community center, Sando of Chusonji Temple - Place of worship, Hiraizumi - Archaeological site, Ichinoseki Undo Koen Baseball Field, Hagishofureai Park, Minamishincho Jido Park, Fujitsubono Falls etc. Japan holiday trip is a well plan to Chuson-ji Konjikido Temple tour which is located in Japan country.

Europe holiday trip is a well idea to Warsaw city tour which is the capital city of the Poland country, Europe. Warsaw is a largest populated and economy city of the Poland country. Warsaw city is located on bank of the River Vistula. Warsaw is a beautiful city where has several water parks and amusement parks to enjoy holiday. the city also has famous city parks to enjoy time.

Warsaw city some famous places to visit are Plaza zoliborz - Beach, Warsaw Citadel - Historical landmark, Muzeum Wojska Polskiego(w budowie) - Army museum, Galeria Brama Bielanska Muzeum X Pawilonu Cytadeli Warszawskiej - Museum, Katyn Bell - Museum, Multimedia Fountain Park, City Zoological Garden - Zoo, The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Presidential Palace, Museum of Fryderyk Chopin - History museum, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, The National Museum in Warsaw, Ujazdow Castle, Palace of Culture and Science - Event venue, Cosmos Muzeum Warszawa - Modern art museum etc.