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Dijon City France Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-July-2022

About Dijon city destination: Dijon is a famous city which is located in France country of the Europe region. Dijon city is situated on bank of the River IOuche and Kir Lake which also make city more beautiful and environment friendly.

Distance from Dijon city: Dijon is well connected to other French domestic destinations via air, road and train transport. Dijon city is just 262.2 KM distance from Geneva international city (Switzerland), Paris capital city is just 314.3 KM distance, Nancy city is just 214.4 KM far, Reims city is exact 299.2 KM distance, Metz city is just 267.2 KM far, Lyon modern city is just 196.3 KM distance, Nantes city is just 639.5 KM distance, Marseille port city is just 505.6 KM distance and Montpellier harbour city is just 495.6 KM distance.

France tour: French holiday is nice idea to enjoy tour in French local cities and metopolitain cities. France country is located in western of the Europe which central capital city is Paris city. Paris city is also the largest populated, culture hub and economy hub of the country. Paris city is also the first choice of the foreigner to itinerary and explore capital city modern life style. Europe tour vacation , Switzerland tour vacation and Japan tour vacation .

How can come to Dijon city: Dijon modern city is well connected to other France domestic destinations via air transport, road transport and train transport. Passengers can come to Dijon city from other European countries via air, road and train transport. Other foreign countries passengers can come via air transport.

Air Transport: Aeroport de Dijon-Bourgogne is a Domestic airport where people can get air flights to other France domestic places.

Water Transport: Dijon city has not water transport facilities. Its nearest major cruise ship harbour is Marseille which is just 505.6 KM distance from Dijon city.

Train Transport: Gare de Dijon-Porte-Neuve is a busy railway station where people can get train transport services to other French domestic destinations.

Dijon city tourists attractions: Dijon city has lots of places to visit which some are Cathedrale Saint-Benigne de Dijon, Paroisse Saint-Bernard - Catholic church, Golf Blue Green Quetigny Grand Dijon - Public golf course, University of Burgundy - Public university, Colombiere Park, Le Consortium - Art museum, Dijon Beach, Well of Moses - Monument, Jardin de l'Arquebuse - Science museum, Museum of Burgundian Life - Ethnographic museum, Art Trade Gallery, The Owl of Dijon, Natural History Museum - Natural history museum, Base Nautique du Lac Kir - Recreation center etc.

Dijon city famous Restaurants & accommodations: there are several modern hotels accommodations in Dijon to stay days and nights. Dijon city’s some famous restaurants are les docks de bourgogne restaurant, PHO Dijon - Vietnamese restaurant, Le chat qui pense - Restaurant, Bar Brasserie restaurant Au Grand Cafe Dijon - Restaurant, Restaurant O' Bannelier - French restaurant, Speakeasy - Restaurant, Chamas Tacos - French restaurant, New Colonial - Restaurant, Chick d'Or - Chicken restaurant, Le Piano Qui Fume - French restaurant, Le P'tit Bouchon Dijonnais - French restaurant, Restaurant Le Carpe Diem, Mister Kebap - Kebab shop, Kebab 1er mai - Kebab shop etc.