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Goa Historical Church Holiday Tour Destination

Posted : March - 9 - 2019

Goa a land which is known for the plantation of cashew nuts and its drink Feni along with people enjoying during any weather makes the state one of the great place to have party, fun and laughter together for any age people. The Goa Churches which are a part of the state civilization as the predominant people in Goanese are from the Christians. The numerous Churches and Cathedrals are known among the people for the blend of Indian and Portuguese architecture with the robust structure known for witnessing the 15th-Century creative architecture which governs the entire state. The city has got historical tale of Portuguese rule and the traditions and rituals of Goa are known to be with parties across the beaches and cuisines which are known to win heart because of the delicacies. Lot of people come to visit 16 th century historical churches and Goa holiday tour to visit old Goa.

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

The top churches in Goa which are known for the better visit are known to be the oldest Churches and the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is frequently visited and with this church dating back to 1594 it has elaborate works of the precious stones with incorrupted body of St. Francis Xavier along with the work of the impressionist painter Dom Martin Basillica Bom of Jesus puts a special spell on each one who visit the Church.

2. Se Cathedral:

The Se Cathedral is one of the magnificent architecture along with the biggest of all Churches and convents of the Goa which is built as a victory symbol of Portuguese rule over India and is dedicated to St. Catherine. The Great Golden Bell is a part of Se Cathedral and it has received the benediction of Pope in the form of Golden Rose which has a very spiritual aura to be a part of it.

3. Church of our lady of the mount:

The Church of our Lady of the mount is the most famous old church of Goa. The church offers view of the Mandovi River and it is beside Se Cathedral with Old Goa amid fresh ambiance of the hills surrounding the Church of Our Lady of the Mount and with the beautiful landscape it has been prominently found in many movies.

4. Church of St. Catejan

The Church of St. Catejan is all according to the Vatican City St. Peter’s Basilica and the most beautiful of the churches of South Goa it has corinthian architecture along with Baroque style carvings which portrays the majestic Portuguese Era and it has people visiting from all parts of the world.

5. Mae De Deus Church:

The Mae De Deus Church has a unique castle like architecture design and has flawless white walls with the only Church in Goa in Neo-Gothic style. The building has embellishment which includes miraculous Mae De Deus Statue along with church’s beauty with the illumination that makes one feel spellbound at night. In this way, there are many St. Diogo’s Church along with Santa Cruz Church makes Goa a visit not only in the name of adventures attached to it but also a great place for the Catholics and other people from the followers to enjoy the blessings of God, the Jesus.

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