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平塚市ツアーガイド、距離、アトラクション、天気 日本の目的地

Hiratsuka City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 17-May-2024

About Hiratsuka City destination: Hiratsuka is a modern city which is located near of the Tokyo central capital city in Japan country. Hiratsuka is a costal city which is a good destination to more know about Japanese local people culture, social and daily life. Hiratsuka city also has some beautiful beaches where passengers can enjoy different types of the water sports activities. The city has several modern and historical places to more know about Japan local people.

Distance from Hiratsuka City: Hiratsuka city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via train, air, water and road transport.

  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 56.6 KM distance from Tokyo city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 35.7 KM distance from Yokohama city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 46.8 KM distance from Kawasaki city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 97.3 KM distance from Chiba city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 84.2 KM distance from Saitama city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 139.4 KM distance from Shizuoka city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 217.2 KM distance from Hamamatsu city.
  • Hiratsuka costal city is exact 464.6 KM distance from Osaka city.

Japan Tour: It is a well idea to Japan country tour which is located in Asia continent. Japan is an advanced developed country where people life their life with modern technology with high standard. Its central capital city is Tokyo which is also the largest populated and economy hub of the country. Tokyo is also a port city where also has several beaches to enjoy many types of the water sports activities. Japan country all major cities are also as port city or coastal city which is also a land open country where has not any other countries land border only sea exist similar as Australia and New Zealand country.

Lots of people come to Japan to enjoy its culture, social and daily life where also has several modern and historical places. Japan is also famous to cherry blossom tour which time period come between February to March month every year. Lots of people come to Japan to watch Cherry blossom when every where flowers blooms and look very beautiful location. Its Mostly major cities also has international airports and international seaport to world wide transport. Japan country has excellent road, train, air and water transport services to native places.

Hiratsuka City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 0.9 1.7 4.4 9.4 14.0 18.0 21.8 23.0 19.7 14.2 8.3 3.5
Average High (℃) 9.6 10.4 13.6 19.0 22.9 25.5 29.2 30.8 26.9 21.5 16.3 11.9

How Reach to Hiratsuka City: The city is exact 56 KM distance from Tokyo central capital city which is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via air, water, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to city via air and water transport via Tokyo city.

Air Transport: Haneda Airport is the nearest main international airport where passengers can get air flights to other countries. Haneda Airport is just 55.1 KM distance from Hiratsuka city.

Road Transport: Hiratsuka city is very good connected to other Japan regional places via modern road transport network.

Train Transport: Hiratsuka city has central railway station where passengers can get trains to other Japanese regional places.

Hiratsuka City tourists attractions: near of the Hiratsuka city has several famous places to visit which some are Mt. Omuro - Mountain peak, Mount Tanzawa - Mountain peak, Mt. Mishotai - Mountain peak, Yamanakako Hana no Miyako Park, Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest - Amusement park, Snoopy Museum, Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Enoshima Sea Candle - Observation deck, Chigasaki Beach, Sakaigawa Yusuichi Park, Taya Caves - Historical landmark, Chigasaki Satoyama Park, Komayama Park, Hiratsuka City General Park, Yadoriki Japanese Allspice Garden, Oyama Afuri Shrine - Shinto shrine etc.

Hiratsuka City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Hiratsuka city has luxury and budget types hotels to stay. Its some famous restaurants are Restaurant at Hiratsuka fishing port, Abusan - Izakaya restaurant, Denny's Hiratsukakaigan - Family restaurant, Cafe TonTon, Tamaya - Coffee shop, Yamaichi Ryokan, Grand Hotel Kanachu, Una new - Unagi restaurant, Laoxiang main store - Ramen restaurant, Denny's - Family restaurant, Kanpanyuhiratsukaten - Pastry shop, Coco's Restaurant - Family restaurant, McDonald's - Fast food restaurant, Akatsuki - Ramen restaurant, Restaurant Kimoto - Western restaurant etc.