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Hiroshima City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 7-Aug-2020

About Hiroshima City: Hiroshima is a historical city of the Japan country which come light from 1945 when America dropped atomic bomb on 6 August 1945 morning 8 am. Lots of people come to Hiroshima to visit atomic bomb dropped place where now converted into Peace memorial park and museum.

Distances from Hiroshima:-

  • Tokyo City : 806.0 KM.
  • Yokohama City : 795.3 KM.
  • Osaka City : 332.9 KM.
  • Nagoya City : 483.8 KM.
  • Sapporo City : 1775.8 KM.
  • Kyoto City : 361.2 KM.
  • Kobe City : 303.0 KM.
  • Hiroshima City Weather Temperature

    Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Average Low (℃) 1.7 2.1 4.8 9.9 14.7 19.4 23.8 24.8 20.8 14.2 8.5 3.7
    Average High (℃) 9.7 10.6 14.0 19.7 24.1 27.2 30.8 32.5 29.0 23.4 17.4 12.3

    How to Reach Hiroshima: It is a port city where foreigner tourists can come via cruise ship and air flight while domestic travelers can come via ferry, bullet train and by road transport.

    By Air Transport: city also has international airport which name is Hiroshima Airport. Here tourists can get some foreign counties flights and domestic flights. Airport is just 51 KM distance from down town.

    By Train Transport: Hiroshima city also has bullet train (Shinkansen) station where tourists can get train to other cities of the country like Tokyo and Osaka.

    By Road Transport: Japan has advanced road transport system which road condition are excellent. Hiroshima is just 812 KM distance from Tokyo capital city, Osaka is just 332 KM far, Kumamoto is exact 382 KM distance, Fukuoka is exact 283 KM distance and Nagoya city is just 483 KM distance.

    Things to Do in the Hiroshima: Here has lots of options to enjoy day and night activities such as Boating on Ota River, Cruise Ship trip in Hiroshima Bay, enjoy picnic in park, Shopping items in local markets, enjoy Japanese local foods, participate in local people festivals.

    Tourists attractions in the Hiroshima: here people can visit here tourists attractions which some are following.

    Atomic Bomb related attractions are Atomic Bomb Dome - War memorial, Peace Memorial Park - Hiroshima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall, Atomic Bomb Memorial Burial Mound, Clock Tower of Peace, Students Peace Monument, Hiroshima Peace Park Rest House, Dr. Marcel Junod Memorial, International Conference Center Hiroshima, National Monument to School Teacher and Child Victims of the Atomic Bomb etc.

    Other Attractions are Children's Peace Monument, Gates of Peace, Former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, Hiroshima Orizuru Tower - Observation deck, Hiroshima Children's Museum, Hiroshima Museum of Art, Hiroshima Green-Arena - Athletic park, Statue of Kato Tomosaburo, Abode Ruins of Empress Dowager Shoken, Central Park - City park, Hiroshima Prefectural Museum, Honkawa Park, Hiroshima Castle, Akio Bridge, Ushida Total Park, Shinushita Koen Ushida Total Park, Hesakakazuko Daiichi Park, Hesakasenzoku Daiichi Park etc. Japan Tour Travel is a good plan to enjoy vacation in Hiroshima historical city of the Japan country.

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