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伊勢崎市ツアーガイド、距離、アトラクション、天気 日本の目的地

Isesaki City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 13-June-2024

About Isesaki City destination: Isesaki is a modern city which is placed in Japan country. Isesaki city is placed on bank of the Karasu River and Tone River where people can do many types of the water sports activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and many other things to do. Isesaki city is a well place to explore local Japanese people culture, social, daily life and festival celebration activities. The city has several modern and historical places to visit where also has several modern places to spend time which includes water parks, theme parks, city parks, city animals zoo and other popular places.

Isesaki City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.6 0.0 3.1 8.2 13.9 18.5 22.4 23.5 19.8 13.6 6.8 1.5
Average High (℃) 9.4 10.4 14.0 19.6 24.9 27.6 31.2 32.5 28.2 22.3 16.8 11.8

How Reach to Isesaki City: Isesaki city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via train, air and road transport. Other countries passengers can come to city via Tokyo capital city via water transport and air transport where also has international airport and international seaport.

Air Transport: Haneda Airport is a nearest international airport where people can get air transport services to other countries and Japanese remote location. Haneda Airport is exact 131.2 KM distance from Isesaki city.

Water Transport: Isesaki is a not a port or coastal city where has not water transport services to other Japanese coastal places and foreign countries.

Hinode Pier is a nearest international water transport terminal where people can get water transport services to other countries and Japanese regional places. Hinode Pier is exact 116.2 KM far from Isesaki city.

Train Transport: The city has central train station where passengers can get trains to other Japaneses remote and local places.

Road Transport: The city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via modern road transport network.

Distance from Isesaki City: Isesaki city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via train, road and air transport.

  • Isesaki city is exact 19.9 KM distance from Takasaki city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 86.0 KM distance from Utsunomiya city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 149.2 KM distance from Nagano city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 121.8 KM distance from Yokohama city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 131.1 KM distance from Kawasaki city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 147.6 KM distance from Chiba city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 576.7 KM distance from Osaka city.
  • Isesaki city is exact 93.5 KM distance from Tokyo city.

Isesaki City tourists attractions: Near of the Isesaki city has several famous places to visit which some are Kodai Hasu No Sato (Ancient Lotus Park), Ashikaga Flower Park - Plant nursery, Hotoku-ji Temple - Buddhist temple, Mount Akagi - Mountain peak, Ikaho Onsen Stone Steps, Haruna Shrine - Shinto shrine, Tomioka Silk Mill - Historical landmark, Megane Bridge (Usui No. 3 Bridge), Shorinzan Daruma-ji Temple - Buddhist temple, Gunma Flower Park - Botanical garden, Art Museum & Library, Ohta Hokubu Sports Park, Japan Snake Center - Zoo, Azuma Soccer Field, Kezoji Amusement Park, Nihon Canpack omuro Park, Midori Sunflower Park, Super Center Trial - Supermarket, Auto Race Track - Athletic field, Movix - Movie theater, Tamamura Town Hokubu Park, Shin-Tamamura Golf Course, Isesaki City Hall, City Future Park, City Sakai Comprehensive Culture Center, Jobu University - Isesaki Campus etc.

Isesaki City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Isesaki city has some luxury and budget types hotels to stay. Its some famous restaurants are Vending Machine Cafeteria - Fast food restaurant, Toyoko INN Gunmaisezaki Ekimae, Zack’s Steak & Hamburg - Steak house, Joyfull - Restaurant, Mos Burger - Isesaki South - Hamburger restaurant, Tsumugiya - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, Isshin-an - Soba noodle shop, Korean food - Korean restaurant, Chinese restaurant Marucho, Gunichi Pan Co., Ltd. (Pane Delicia main store) - Bakery and Cake Shop, Marhaba Halal Restaurant - Indian restaurant, Hana Hotel, Vietnamese Restaurant Deli Ichi - Vietnamese restaurant, Oshokuji dokoro Nissin Daiichi - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, Marugame Seimen - Udon noodle restaurant, McDonald’s - Fast food restaurant, Hoshino Coffee, Chateraise Isesaki Tsunatori - Pastry shop, Sankai Sakebo Akaneya - Izakaya restaurant etc.