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和泉市ツアーガイド、距離、アトラクション、天気 日本の目的地

Izumi City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 4-July-2024

About Izumi City destination: Izumi is a modern city which is placed in Osaka Prefecture of the Japan country. It is only 27 KM distance from Osaka city centre. The city is a good destination to spend time where also has modern places to spend time such as water parks, theme amusement parks, city zoo, city parks and movie theaters etc. Half of the part city has nature rich where also has mountain area which make city nature friendly. It is not far from sea shore where people can do many types of the water sports in summer season such as boating, fishing, swimming, water scooter riding etc.

Izumi City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 2.8 2.9 5.6 10.7 15.6 20.0 24.3 25.4 21.7 15.5 9.9 5.1
Average High (℃) 9.5 10.2 13.7 19.9 24.5 27.8 31.6 33.4 29.3 23.3 17.6 12.3

How Reach to Izumi City: It is placed in Osaka prefecture of the Japan country. Osaka is an international city where people can come from other countries via air and water transport where also has international airport and international seaport. People can come to city from other Japanese regional destinations via train, water, road and air transport.

Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is the nearest main airport where passengers can get international and domestic airport flights. It is busy international airport near of the Osaka city.

Water Transport: Osaka city has international water transport destination where passengers can get water transport services to foreign countries and Japanese regional coastal places.

Train Transport: Izumi city has local train station where passengers can get train transport services to other regional places of the Japan which includes remote and local places.

Road Transport: Izumi city is very well connected to other Japanese regional destination via modern road network which all villages, cities and towns connected each to gather via modern roads network.

Distance from Izumi City: Izumi city is located in Osaka prefecture which is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via train, water, road and air transport.

  • Izumi city is exact 27.5 KM distance from Osaka city.
  • Izumi city is exact 49.7 KM distance from Wakayama city.
  • Izumi city is exact 208.5 KM distance from Okayama city.
  • Izumi city is exact 53.7 KM distance from Nara city.
  • Izumi city is exact 77.2 KM distance from Kyoto city.
  • Izumi city is exact 51.8 KM distance from Kobe city.
  • Izumi city is exact 186.9 KM distance from Nagoya city.
  • Izumi city is exact 507.2 KM distance from Tokyo city.

Izumi City tourists attractions: people can watch several, modern, historical and natural places near of the Izumi city which some are Sefuku-ji - Buddhist temple, Kansai Cycle Sports Center - Theme park, Amanosan Public Golf Ground - Golf course, Silvania Park - Amusement park, Kurodoriyama Park, Osaka Prefectural Museum of Yayoi Culture - Archaeological museum, Izumiotsu Phoenix Multipurpose Field, Osaka Gas Science Museum, Otori Taisha - Shinto shrine, Osaka Prefectural Sayamaike Museum - Local history museum, Nishikinohama Beach Park, Rinku Marble Beach, Shoji Golf - Golf course, Kansai Cycle Sports Center - Theme park, Kansai Trans Way Sports Stadium, Coop Lab Taberu Taisetsu Museum, TOHO Cinemas Senboku - Movie theater, Osaka Ohtani University, Sayamaike Park, Sayama-ike Pond, Daisen-ryo Kofun (Tomb of Emperor Nintoku) - Historical landmark, Oizumi Ryokuchi Park, Izumo Taisha Osaka Bunshi - Shinto shrine etc.

Izumi City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Izumi city has some luxury and budget both types hotels to stay in city. Its some famous and modern restaurants are Izumi City Youth House Makioyama Greenland, GREEN ROOM, Kana Oni Kobo - Cafe, Ekubo - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, Omoriya - Sushi restaurant, Uchihata-Shokudo - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, RUSTICA - Cafe, Hotel Route Inn Osaka Izumi, Antiqua Tree Cafe - Restaurant, Hatsugano Terrace - Coffee shop, Sakura Coffee Izumi-Chuo - Cafe, Patisuri Mon Izumichuo Honten - Cafe, Hamakatsu - Tonkatsu restaurant, Sukiya - Gyudon restaurant, Pizza R - Pizza restaurant, T.YOKOGAWA Izumi-Chuo - Pastry shop, Yume no Ippo Osaka Izumi store - Ramen restaurant, Boku-to-Udon-to-Katsuodashi - Udon noodle restaurant, Yakiniku King - Yakiniku restaurant, Chateraise Izumi-Chuo - Dessert shop, Nigiri Chojiro Izumi-Chuo - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Mamma Pappa - Restaurant etc.