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上越市ツアーガイド、距離、観光スポット、天気 日本の目的地

Joetsu City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 6-June-2024

About Joetsu City destination: Joetsu is a nature beautiful city which is located in Japan country. Joetsu is a coastal city which is just 338.1 KM distance from Tokyo central capital city. Joetsu coastal city is placed on bank of the Seki River where also has snow capped mountains, deep fores and natural water lakes which all make city more nature friendly. It is also a well place to enjoy water sports in summer season where has many beaches to enjoy water sports such as boating, scuba diving, water scooter riding, fishing, swimming etc. Near of the Joetsu city also has snow capped mountains where people can do many types of the now sports in winter season where also has some famous skiing resorts.

Joetsu city is a well place to explore local Japanese people culture, festival celebration, social, modern life and other activities. Near of the city also has some modern places to spend time which includes city parks, water parks, city animals zoo, theme parks and amusement parks. Here also snow fall in winter season which is a good destination to nature lover.

Joetsu City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.4 -0.8 -1.4 6.1 11.6 16.7 21.5 22.6 18.4 12.1 6.1 1.8
Average High (℃) 6.0 6.7 10.9 17.6 22.7 25.8 29.6 31.3 27.1 21.5 15.5 9.3

How Reach to Joetsu City: The port city is very good connected to other Japanese local and remote places via train, air, water and road transport. Other countries people can come to port city via air and water transport via the Niigata port city where also has international airport and seaport.

Air Transport: The port city has heliport services to other remote and local places of the country. Its nearest and busy international airport is situated in Niigata city where passengers can get air transport facilitates to foreign countries.

Water Transport: It is a port city where has water transport destination where passengers can get water transport services to other countries and Japanese other coastal places.

Train Transport: The city has local train station where people can get trains to other remote and local places of the country.

Road Transport: The port city is very well connected to other local and remote places via modern road transport network.

Distance from Joetsu City: Joetsu port city is very good connected to other Japanese local and remote places via air, train, water and road transport.

  • Joetsu city is exact 91.4 KM distance from Tsubame city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 91.3 KM distance from Kurobe city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 124.2 KM distance from Toyama city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 128.4 KM distance from Niigata city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 361.3 KM distance from Nagoya city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 439.8 KM distance from Kyoto city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 489.2 KM distance from Osaka city.
  • Joetsu city is exact 338.1 KM distance from Tokyo city.

Joetsu City tourists attractions: Near of the Joetsu city has several natural and man made places to visit which some are Mt. Amakazari - Mountain peak, Mount Myoko - Mountain peak, Myoko-Togakushi Renzan National Park, Mt. Takatsuma - Mountain peak, Mt. Kurohime - Mountain peak, Mt. Togakushi - Mountain peak, Togakushi-Jinja - Shinto shrine, Forest Adventure NAGANO - Theme park, C.W. Nicol Afan Forest Foundation (Afan Center), Tsubame Onsen Kogane no Yu - Outdoor bath, Tangram Ski Circus, Snow Monkey Park (Jigokudani Yaen Koen), Yakebitaiyama Ski area, Maguse Onsen, Kamakura no Sato, Sakae Club Ski Area, Takada Castle Site Park, Kazamaki Shrine, Otsuki Rice Terraces, Aquarium Umigatari, Niigata Prefecture Ogata Mizu and Mori Park, Hoshitouge Terraced Rice Field, Takada Castle Three-storey Turret, Joetsu University of Education, Science Museum etc.

Joetsu City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Joetsu city has some luxury and budget types hotels to stay. Its some famous restaurants are SUSHI DINING - Sushi restaurant, Cafel, Tomizushi - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Joetsuya - Ramen restaurant, Ramen Shop Fukuhashi - Ramen restaurant, Shokudo Miss - Hamaya - Ramen restaurant, Toichiya - Seafood restaurant, Gunchan Naoetsu - Seafood restaurant, Tsubame Sanjo Ramen Jun Joetsu Naoetsu Shop, Hotel Alpha One, THE BEACH BUM COFFEE, HAMA-SUSHI Joetsu Kasugayama - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Kaikatsu Club etc.