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上方浮世絵博物館 大阪日本ツアーの目的地

Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-June-2024

About Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka Destination: Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is a famous art type museum which is located in Osaka commercial city of the Japan country. It is a nice place to more know about Japanese arts which includes modern and ancient time.

  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Location: Chuo Ward, Osaka.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Address: 1 Chome-6-4 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Opened year: 2014
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Ticket Price (Entry Fee): PAID.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Timings (Open Hours): 11.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Art Museum Closed Day: Monday.

How Can Reach to Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka: It is located in Osaka commercial city of the Japan country. Osaka is a port city where people can come via air, train, road and water transport from other Japanese domestic places. Foreign countries people can come to port city via air and water transport where has international airport and seaport.

By Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is a busy and nearest international airport where passengers can get air flights to other Japanese regional places.

By train Transport: Osaka city has central railway station where passengers can get trains to other Japanese regional places.

Things to Do near of Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka: passengers can do many types activities in Osaka commercial port city which some are watch history types museums, arts types museums and natural history types museums. Eat local street foods, shopping gifts in central markets and walking in notable streets. Spend time at city coastal place which is also a popular sea harbour where people can do boating, fishing, swimming and many more adventure and recreation types activities.

Tourists attractions near of Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka: passengers can watch many historical and modern places in Osaka commercial port city such as the following.

Attractions near Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum: Charcoal grilled chicken Kuwadori Namba branch, Dohtonbori - Okonomiyaki restaurant, BOKUSUI - Japanese restaurant, Arabiya coffee - Coffee shop, Torisuke Namba Honten - Yakitori restaurant, Genpin Houzenji-Sohonten - Fugu restaurant, Hozenji Yamakazu - Unagi restaurant, Hozenji Asakusa - Fugu restaurant, Hozenji - Buddhist temple, Hozenji Yokocho - Business park, Taimeshi Ginmaru - Seafood restaurant etc.

Other popular places in Osaka commercial port city: Softbank Nanba Walk - Cell phone store, Tamashiya - Pool hall, Hozenji - Buddhist temple, 7-Eleven Osaka Nihonbashiekihigashi - Convenience store, 7-Eleven Osaka Nihonbashi 1-chome - Convenience store, Ikutama Park, International House - Convention center, Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street - Business park, Namba Yasaka Shrine - Shinto shrine, Naniwa Park etc. Japan holiday travel is a well idea to Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum trip which is located in Osaka commercial port city of the Japan country. Canada holiday travel booking, Australia holiday travel and New Zealand holiday travel booking.

Europe holiday travel is a well plan to Enschede city tour which is located in Netherlands country, Europe. Enschede city is placed near of the Germany country land border which also has Germany social and culture effect. Enschede is a nice place to explore local Netherlands people culture, modern life and social activities. Lots of people come to watch Enschede border city which is good destination more know about Netherlands modern life. Enschede city is very good connected to other European countries and Netherlands regional places via air, road and train transport. Other countries people can come to city via air transport where also has a regional airport.

People can watch several modern and historical places near of the Enschede which some are Boerderijcamping De Beek, Recreational park The Rutbeek, Het Volkspark (150 jaar) - Park, Rijksmuseum Twenthe - Art museum, Speelpark Hoge Boekel - Amusement park, Attractiepark de Waarbeek, Metropool (locatie Hengelo) - Concert hall, Twickel Castle, De Kroeze Danne Vakantie- en Conferentiecentrum - Convention center, Recreatiepark Het Hulsbeek, Museum De Museumfabriek - Natural history museum, Roessingh - Centrum voor Revalidatie - Rehabilitation center, Wethouder Horstman Sportpark, Abraham Ledeboer Park, Golf Driene - Golf club, Grolsch Veste - Stadium, Zweringbeek park, FC Suryoye - Soccer club, Immanuelkerk - NGK Enschede - Church, Natuurpaadje Stenversweg - Nature preserve, Tex Town Tigers - Sports club, Vue Enschede - Movie theater, Synagogue of Enschede - Synagogue, Peter Hu Asian Supermarket - Asian grocery store etc.