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甲府市ツアーガイド、距離、アトラクション、天気 日本の目的地

Kofu City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 13-June-2024

About Kofu City destination: Kofu is a nature beautiful city which is located in Japan country. Kofu city is placed near of the Fuji mount where has several other snow capped mountains, Rivers, deep forests, lakes and other nature attractions which make city more nature beautiful. Kofu nature city is placed on bank of the Kamanashi River and Fuefuki River where passengers can do many types of the water sports activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and other activities. Kofu is a well place to enjoy many types of the snow sports in winter season where also has skiing resort.

The city is a well destination to more know about Japanese local people daily life, festival celebration, social activities and modern life. There are both options to Summer season and winter season to enjoy time and do adventure and recreation types activities. Near of the city also has modern places to do adventure and recreation types activities such as water parks, theme parks city parks and city animals zoo etc.

Kofu City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -2.1 -0.7 -3.1 8.4 13.7 18.3 22.3 23.3 19.4 13.0 5.9 0.3
Average High (℃) 9.1 10.9 15.0 20.7 25.3 27.8 31.6 33.0 28.6 22.5 16.7 11.4

How Reach to Kofu City: the city is very good connected to other Japan regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to city via air and water transport. Japan countries all port city has international airport and international seaport where passengers can come from all over world.

Air Transport: Haneda airport is a nearest main airport where people can get air flights to other countries and Japanese regional places.

Water Transport: Its nearest water transport destination located in Tokyo city where passengers can get water transport services to other countries and and Japanese regional coastal places.

Train Transport: Kofu city has central train station where passengers can get trains to other Japanese remote and local places.

Road Transport: Japan country has excellent road transport network which all villages, cities and town connected with modern roads network.

Distance from Kofu City: the city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via train, water and road transport.

  • Kofu city is exact 174.9 KM distance from Hamamatsu city.
  • Kofu city is exact 103.4 KM distance from Shizuoka city.
  • Kofu city is exact 85.7 KM distance from Fuji Mount.
  • Kofu city is exact 71.5 KM distance from Fufi city.
  • Kofu city is exact 400.1 KM distance from Nara city.
  • Kofu city is exact 261.0 KM distance from Nagoya city.
  • Kofu city is exact 428.6 KM distance from Osaka city.
  • Kofu city is exact 122.6 KM distance from Tokyo city.

Kofu City tourists attractions: near of the Kofu city has several modern and historical places to visit such as Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Mt. Mishotai - Mountain peak, Fuji-Q Highland - Amusement park, Mt. Kurodake - Mountain peak, Mt. Omuro - Mountain peak, Mount Tanzawa - Mountain peak, Mt. Koganezawa - Mountain peak, Mt. Mito - Mountain peak, Shosenkyo Ropeway, Mount Kumotori - Mountain peak, Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, Mitsumine Shrine - Shinto shrine, Mount Kobushi - Mountain peak, Mt. Yokoo - Mountain peak, Mount Aka - Mountain peak, Mount Nyukasa - Mountain peak, Mount Kita - Mountain peak, Mount Aino - Mountain peak, Yamanashi Prefecture Archaeological Museum, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, Midaiminami Park, Gore Sawa, Kitashoji Falls, Southern Alps Ashiyasu Mountain Museum, Shingen-Mochi Factory Theme Park etc.

Kofu City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Kofu city has some luxury and budget types hotels to stay days and nights. Its some famous restaurants are Kosaku - Hoto noodle restaurant, Hotel Sealuck Pal Kofu - 3-star hotel, Hotel Route-Inn Court - 3-star hotel, Toyoko Inn Kofu Station South Exit 2 - 3-star hotel, Dormy Inn Kofu Marunouchi - 3-star hotel, Sentia Hotel Naito, Chateraise Hotel Isawa, Hotel Sekitei - 3-star hotel, Railway Guest House Tetsunoya, FUNARI - Hoto noodle restaurant, Hotel Route-Inn Court Yamanashi - 3-star hotel, MANNS WINES - Winery, Grace Wine - Winery, Chateau Mercian Katsunuma Winery (Wine Gallery) - Winery, Wine Inn Suzukien, Restaurant Kaze, Fuji Claire Winery, Wine Inn Suzukien - 2-star hotel, Chateau Katsunuma - Winery, Bamiyan Yamanashi Toyotomi store, IL POGGIO - Italian restaurant, Newport Restaurant, Kunimotoya hotel, Dessem - Bakery and Cake Shop, Unakichi - Unagi restaurant, McDonald's Masuho - Fast food restaurant etc.