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Koshigaya City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 26-June-2023

About Koshigaya City destination: Koshigaya is a famous city of the Tokyo which is placed in Greater Tokyo region of the Japan country. Koshigaya city is a nice place to explore local Japanese people culture and social activities which modern life style. Koshigaya city is also has two to three small Rivers.

Distance from Koshigaya City: Koshigaya modern city is good jointed to other Japanese regional places via air, train, road and water transport.

  • Koshigaya city is exact 40.7 KM distance from Tokyo central capital city.
  • Takasaki city is just 122.1 KM distance.
  • Iwaki coastal city is just 187.3 KM distance.
  • Utsunomiya city is just 104.9 KM distance.
  • Nagoya city is just 381.7 KM distance.
  • Hamamatsu city is just 282.2 KM distance.
  • Shizuoka city is just 210.6 KM distance.
  • Chiba coastal city is just 50.8 KM distance etc.

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Koshigaya City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 0.9 1.7 4.4 9.4 14.0 18.0 21.8 23.0 19.7 14.2 8.3 3.5
Average High (℃) 9.6 10.4 13.6 19.0 22.9 25.5 29.2 30.8 26.9 21.5 16.3 11.9

How can come to Koshigaya City: Koshigaya is a suburb city of the Greater Tokyo which is placed in Japan country. Koshigaya city is well connected to other regional Japanese places via train, road, water and air transport. other countries people can come to Koshigaya city via air and water transport.

Air Transport: Narita International Airport is a near international airport where passengers can get air transport services to other overseas countries and Japanese regional places. Narita Airport is exact 80.5 KM distance from Koshigaya city.

Haneda International airport is the busiest international airport of the Tokyo city where passengers can get air transport to other international countries and domestic places also. Haneda airport is exact 53.0 KM distance from Koshigaya city.

Water Transport: Hinode Pier Ferry terminal is a nearest busy ship / ferry destination where passengers can get water transport services to other overseas countries and Japanese regional places also. Hinode Pier is exact 38.2 KM far from Koshigaya city.

Train Transport: Kita-Koshigaya Station is a busy local city train station where passengers can get trains to other Japanese regional places.

Koshigaya City tourists attractions: Koshigaya city has several modern and historical places to visit which some are LakeTown Outlet - Outlet mall, Koshigaya Science and Technology Museum "Miracle" - Science museum, Saitama Prefectural Citizens Health and Welfare Village, Dewa Park, Gyomu Super Koshigaya Minami - Discount supermarket, Soka Park, Yunoizumi Soka Health Center - Super public bath, Mami Mart - Supermarket, Iina Park Kawaguchi - City park, Saitama Stadium 2002 Field 4, Saitama Stadium 2002, Shirakobato Aquatic Park, Koshigaya Plum Grove Park, Ropia Koshigaya Ozato - Grocery store etc.

Koshigaya City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Koshigaya city has several modern hotels accommodations to stays. Koshigaya city some famous restaurants are Iekei Ramen Sasakiya - Ramen restaurant, Shichirinyakiniku Anan Koshigayaten - Yakiniku restaurant, Fuku Sushi - Sushi restaurant, HAMA-SUSHI Noda Tsutsumidai - Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Joyfull - Family restaurant, Yakinikukingu Kasukabeten - Yakiniku restaurant, Brown - Ramen restaurant, Kiseki Shokudo Iwatsuki - Tonkatsu restaurant, Mochimochinoki Shiraoka - Ramen restaurant, Kiseki Shokudo Kuki - Tonkatsu restaurant, Japanese maple - Ramen restaurant, Chinese buckwheat TeruRa - Ramen restaurant etc.