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Le Havre City France Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 23-May-2022

About Le Havre City destination: Le Havre city is located in northern of the France country which situated on shore of the English Channel. Le Havre is a port city which is fully modern developed city. Le Havre port city is located on mouth of the River Seine where River Seine dropped into to the English Channel. Le Havre is a good destination to explore French local people social, culture and modern life style. Le Havre port city is also well connected to Portsmouth port city of the United Kingdom country. Le Havre city also also the busiest international Seaport of the France country in north region.

Le Havre port city is well connected to other French domestic places via air transport, water transport, road transport and train train transport. Le Havre port city is just 197.2 KM distance from Paris capital city, Caen city is exact 98.3 KM distance, Calais city is just 276.3 KM far, Nancy city is just 556.6 KM distance, Nantes city is just 383.8 KM distance, Quimpern city is just 489.8 KM far, Lyon city is just 655.7 KM distance etc.

France is fully developed country of the Europe region which is placed in western part of the Europe. France country central capital city is Paris city which is located in northern of the country. France is good destination to explore Euroepan countries social, culture and economy activities. Paris is the largest populated and economy hub of the France country. Paris city is also host the largest number of the foreign countries tourists where has several world wide famous museums, historical monuments, churches, modern building infrastructure and Eiffel tower landmark etc. Europe holiday travel and Japan holiday travel .

How can come to Le Havre City: Le Havre port city is well connected to other French domestic places via air transport, road transport, train transport, water transport. other foreign countries passengers can come to Le Havre port city via water transport and air transport.

Port Le Havre - Ferry terminal: Port Le Havre is a busy international seaport where people can get ferry / ship services to foreign countries and French domestic places. It is a busy seaport of the north France.

Le Havre - Train station: Le Havre city also has a busy railway station where people can transport goods and passengers to other France country destinations. France country has excellent railway network to transport passengers and goods.

Le Havre – Octeville Airport: Le Havre port city also has a busy domestic airport where people can get other domestic places also. France country all major cities also has airport flights transport services.

Le Havre City tourists attractions: there are several famous places in Le Havre port city which some are Montee possible falaise - Hiking area, Aquacaux - Aquarium, Hanging Gardens - Botanical garden, Plage du Havre - Beach, Museum of Modern Art Andre Malraux - Modern art museum, Parc la Fontaine Enchantee - Amusement park, Park Rouelles (The Bouteillerie), Le Famosa Association Sans Detour - Children hall etc.

Le Havre City famous Restaurants & accommodations: the city has several modern luxury and affordable both types hotels accommodations. Le Havre city some famous restaurants are Le Quint & Sens - Restaurant, Restaurant Pizzeria L'Olivier, YellowKorner Le Havre - Hamburger restaurant, Le Punjab Restaurant Indien, Namasty India - South Indian restaurant, Pickles Burger - Hamburger restaurant etc.