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Mount Koya Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 21-Aug-2021

About Mount Koya Destination: Mount Koya is a famous pilgrimage destination of the Japanese people which is located in Wakayama Prefecture of the Japan country. Mount Koya is just 85 KM distance from Osaka city where foreign countries and domestic tourists can come via air transport.

  • Mount Koya Temple Location: Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
  • Mount Koya Temple Address: Koyasan, Koya, Ito District, Wakayama 648-0211, Japan.
  • Mount Koya Temple Established Year : 819 .
  • Mount Koya Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site: Since 2004
  • Mount Koya Temple Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Mount Koya Temple Timings (Open Hours): 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

The Mount Koya is also listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. Koya town was founded in 819 by a popular monk Kukai. The Mount Koya area has several historical Buddhist temples and other pilgrimage places.

How Can Reach to Mount Koya Destination: travelers can Koya mount via rod transport and air transport from Osaka city and other places of the Japan country. Koya town is just 85.3 KM distance from Osaka city, Kyoto city is exact 123.0 KM distance, Hiroshima city is just 420.3 KM far, Tokyo city is exact 537.7 KM distance and Nara historical city is just 84.3 KM far.

By Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is just 68.3 KM distance from Koya town. Kansai Airport is the second busiest international airport of the Japan country after Osaka city.

By Train Transport: Gokurakubashi Station is just 1.5 KM far Koya town where travelers can get local trains to other nearest major cities.

Shin-Osaka Station is just 90.8 KM far from Koya town which is the second busiest bullet trains station of the Japan country after Tokyo where tourists can get bullet trains to all over main cities.

By Water Transport: Nankai Ferry Wakayama port Terminal is the nearest cruise ship harbour where people can get ship to other coastal domestic cities. Nankai Ferry Wakayama port Terminal is just 57.4 KM far from Mount Koya.

Things to Do near of the Mount Koya: travelers can do several activities near of the Koya mount region such as prayer in Buddhist temples, watch historical Cemeteries, walking on mountains, eat Japanese local street foods, shopping in Osaka markets, explore Japan second busiest city Osaka etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Mount Koya: people can visit lots of attractive tourists places in Osaka city and Koya town like the following.

Attraction near of the Mount Koya: Koyasan Reihokan Museum, Nyonindo - Buddhist temple, Yasaka Shrine - Shinto shrine, Oku-no-In - Buddhist temple, Tsuruhime Park Observatory, Dinosaur Land Paradise Cave, Kongobuji - Buddhist temple, Cemeteries locations etc.

Attractions in Osaka city: Kansai Cycle Sports Center, Grass slide slope - Amusement park, Osaka Castle, Kiyomizu-dera - Buddhist temple, Osaka Science Museum, Sakuya Konohana Kan - Botanical garden, Universal Studios Japan - Theme park, Kids Plaza Osaka - Children's museum etc. Japan holiday vacation is a nice plan to Mount Koya tour which is situated in Wakayama Prefecture of the Japan country.

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