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Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 12-Feb-2022

About Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Destination: Rainbow Bridge is located in Tokyo capital city of the Japan country. the Rainbow Bridge was built in 1993 which total length is 798 metres. The bridge height is 126 metres and width is 49 metres. the Rainbow Bridge is a modern bridge which is a landmark of the modern Japan country.

  • Rainbow Bridge Location: Minato City, Tokyo.
  • Rainbow Bridge Address: Minato City, Tokyo 105-0000, Japan.
  • Rainbow Bridge Opened Year : 1993.
  • Rainbow Bridge Height: 126 Metres.
  • Rainbow Bridge Total length: 798 Metres.
  • Rainbow Bridge Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Rainbow Bridge Show Timings (Open Hours): 24 hours

Tokyo is the capital city of the Japan country which is also a coastal city. Tokyo is a world class city which is also listed as largest populated and economy hub of the Japan country.

How Can Reach to Rainbow Bridge Tokyo: it is located in Tokyo capital city of the Japan country. Foreign countries passengers can come to Tokyo city via water transport and air transport only. Passengers can come to capital city from other Japanese local places via road transport, air transport, water transport and train transport.

By air transport: Tokyo international airport is the main international airport of the Tokyo city where passengers can get flights to all over world.

By train transport: Tokyo Station - Travel Terminals is the nearest railway station where passengers can get trains to major cities of the Japan country.

By road transport: Japan country has good road transport which all villages, towns and cities connected with modern road transport.

Things to Do near of The Rainbow Bridge Tokyo: passengers can things to do several types in Tokyo which some are walking on Rainbow Bridge, prayer in city Buddhist temples, watch Tokyo city famous museums, shopping gifts in Tokyo central market, eat Japanese local foods, explore Japanese local people modern life style, enjoy time in theme parks, enjoy time on water parks etc.

Tourists attractions near of Rainbow Bridge Tokyo: passengers can visit many popular places in Tokyo city such as the following.

Attractions near Rainbow Bridge: Shibaura Minami Futo Park, Shibaura south wharf athletic park, Shibaura Anchorage - Bridge, Historic Site Memorial Monument, Great Kanto Earthquake & WWII Tokyo Air Raid Victims Memorial Marker, Minato Municipal Odaiba Gakuen, Odaiba Rainbow Park, Odaiba Marine Park, Odaiba Beach, Tokyo Sewerage Museum "Rainbow" - Technology museum etc.

Other attractions in Tokyo city: Ariake Tennis Park Show court - Tennis court, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Tower, Akasaka Hikawa-jinja Shrine, The National Art Center - Art museum, teamLab Planets - Modern art museum, Yamatane Museum of Art, Ōta Memorial Museum of Art, National Museum of Modern Art, The Ueno Royal Museum, Chiyoda City, Ueno Zoo, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden etc. Japan holiday travel is a good idea to Rainbow Bridge tour which is situated in Tokyo city of the Japan country. Canada holiday travel and Australia holiday travel .

Europe holiday travel is a well idea to Antwerp city tour which is located in Belgium country, Europe region. Antwerp is a coastal city of the Belgium country which is situated on bank of the Scheldt river. Antwerp is the second largest populated city of after Brussels capital city of the Belgium country. the Antwerp is a fully modern city where has lots option to enjoy tour in summer and winter both season.

Antwerp city some popular places are ZOO Antwerpen, Museum aan de Stroom, Snijders & Rockoxhuis - Museum, Museum De Reede, Red Star Line Museum, Middelheim Museum - Modern art museum, Plantentuin - Botanical garden, Hobokense Polder - Nature preserve, Groen Zuid - Park, Volkstuinen De Zwaantjes 2 - Community garden, Provincial Domain Rivierenhof - Park, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp etc.