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Sapporo City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 14-Oct-2021

About Sapporo City Destination: Sapporo is the largest populated city of the Hokkaido Island in Japan country which is situated in Northern of the country. Sapporo is also the capital city of the Hokkaido Prefecture which is also the largest economy hub and cultural city of the Hokkaido Prefecture. Sapporo is exact 310.6 KM distance from Hakodate city, Asahikawa city is exact 137.6 KM far, Tokyo city is just 1151.7 KM distance and Sendai city is exact 801.7 KM distance.

Distances from Sapporo City:-

  • Tokyo City : 1511.1 KM.
  • Yokohama City : 1175.9 KM.
  • Osaka City : 1459.2 KM.
  • Nagoya City : 1447.1 KM.
  • Kyoto City : 1443.7 KM.
  • Kobe City : 1511.1 KM.

Sapporo City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -7.0 -6.6 -2.9 3.2 8.3 12.9 17.3 19.1 14.2 7.5 1.3 -4.1
Average High (℃) -0.6 0.1 4.0 11.5 17.3 21.5 24.9 26.4 22.4 16.2 8.5 2.1

Sapporo is a beautiful and cool temperature city where also celebrates local people snow sports in winter season per year where also come lots of foreigner to enjoy snow sports when all city covered by snow. The Sapporo city around has snow capped mountains, deep forest and natural lake which all make city more enthronement friendly. Japan travel trip and Europe travel trip .

How can come to Sapporo City: Sapporo is a costal city where also has international cruise ship / ferry harbour. the city also has international airport which is the busiest airport of the Hokkaido island. Foreign countries tourists can come to city via water transport and air transport only while domestic tourists also can come via train transport from all places of the country.

Okadama Airport is a domestic airport which is located in Sapporo city. Passengers can get here flights to domestic places of the Japan country.

New Chitose Airport is the international airport which is exact 51.7 KM far from Sapporo city. Passengers can get here flights to foreign countries along with domestic main cities. New Chitose Airport is the busiest international airport of the Hokkaido island.

Sapporo City famous tourist places: The Sapporo city has many popular places to visit which some are Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art - Art museum, Shiroikoibito Park - Theme park, Historical Village of Hokkaido - Local history museum, Otaru Dream Beach - Hamanasu no oka Park, Moerenuma Park, Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway - Tourist attraction, Mt. Moiwa - Mountain peak, Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Deck, Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena - Ice skating rink, Toyohira River Ryokuchi Park, Historical Village of Hokkaido etc.

Sapporo City famous restaurants & accommodations: Sapporo city has many famous hotels accommodations to stay night safe and secure while everyone should book hotels in advanced in vacation season when you will plan to visit Sapporo city. the city also has several famous restaurants to eat delicious foods such as Sapporo Genghis Khan - Yakiniku restaurant, Ramen Shingen - Ramen restaurant, Maru Sushi - Sushi restaurant, Gotsubo Oyster Bar - Seafood restaurant, Sapporo Ramen Haruka - Ramen restaurant, Hyousetsu No Mon- Japanese restaurant etc.