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Sendai City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 19-Sep-2020

About Sendai City: Sendai is a harbour city of the Japan country which is located on the bank of the Natori River and Hirose River. It is just 369 KM distance from Tokyo capital city. Sendai is a humid subtropical climate area land where people enjoy snow fall in winter season.

Distances from Sendai City:-

  • Tokyo City : 369.3 KM.
  • Nagoya City : 711.9 KM.
  • Osaka City : 866.1 KM.
  • Sapporo City : 755.5 KM.
  • Kyoto City : 816.8 KM.
  • Kobe City : 884.2 KM.

Sendai City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -1.3 -1.1 1.4 6.3 11.7 16.1 20.2 21.6 18.0 11.9 5.6 0.9
Average High (℃) 5.6 6.5 10.0 15.5 20.2 23.1 26.6 28.2 25.0 19.8 14.1 8.3

Here people can enjoy vacation to explore 1600 AD founded city where has several places to visit like Museums, amusement parks, shopping market places and Castle.

How to Reach Sendai: It is well connected with other domestic cities via air, water, road and train transport. Foreigner tourists can come to Sendai via air and water transport. City also has international sea harbour and airport.

By Air Transport: Its nearest major airport is Sendai international Airport where tourists can get flight to domestic cities and foreign countries.

By Train Transport: Sendai city has Shinkansen (Bullet Train) station which connects other major cities of the Japan countries. It is a rapid transport system in Japan country which speed may 500 KM per hour.

By Road Transport: Japan country has well road transport system. Sendai is exact 265 KM far from Niigata, Tokyo is just 369 KM far, Nogoya is exact 710 KM distance, Osaka is just 862 KM far, Hiroshima is just 1169 KM far, Kyoto is exact 815 KM distance and Sapporo is just 756 KM far.

Things to Do in the Sendai: Travelers can enjoy here lots of recreation and adventure activities which some are boating & fishing on Natori River and Hirose River, participate in Tanabata festival, eat local Japanese foods, shopping Japanese gits from local shops etc.

Tourists attractions in the Sendai: There are many famous place in Sendai of the Japan country which some are the following.

Famous Places: Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle Ruins), Sendai City Museum, The Miyagi Museum of Art, Ni no maru (outer fortress to Sendai castle), Santaro's Path, Figure Skate Monument, Museum of Natural History, Secretariat of Akamon Acupuncture and Moxibustion College, Site of Goroku Castle, Taihakusan Nature Observation Forest etc.

Parks: Aobayama Botanical Gardens, Aobayama Koen Tennis Courts, Hyojogawaraya Baseball Field, Keigamine Historical Park, Rating River Park Athletic Field, Otemachi Park, Morinomiyako Golf Salon Sendai, Dainenjiyama Park etc.

Temples: Kakizaki Inari Shrine, Zuihoden Temple, Hakkoin Temple, Naritasan Temple Sendai, Kameoka-Hachimangu Shrine etc. Japan Tour Holiday is good plan to enjoy trip in Sendai city to enjoy Japanese people social and cultural activities.

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