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山形市ツアーガイド、距離、観光スポット、天気 日本の目的地

Yamagata City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Japan Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 17-May-2024

About Yamagata City destination: Yamagata is a nature beautiful city which is located in northern of the Japan country. Yamagata is a modern city which is placed on bank of the Su River and Mogami River. Yamagata is a well place to more know about Japanese local people culture, social and modern life activities. It is a well place to enjoy different types of the snow sports activities in winter season where also has skiing resorts, deed forests and lakes which make city more environment friendly.

Distance from Yamagata City: Yamagata city is very well connected to other Japanese regional places via train, air and road transport.

  • Yamagata city is exact 117.1 KM distance from Sakata city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 116.4 KM distance from Ishinomaki city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 171.8 KM distance from Niigata city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 96.5 KM distance from Fukushima city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 64.4 KM distance from Sendai city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 637.4 KM distance from Nagoya city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 385.4 KM distance from Tokyo city.
  • Yamagata city is exact 773.4 KM distance from Osaka city.

Japan Tour: it is a very well plan to enjoy time in Japan country which is a developed country. Japan country local people are fully developed where people life their life with modern technology. Japan country has lots of historical buildings, historical monuments, modern buildings, modern monuments, deep forest, skiing resorts, snow capped mountains, clean water lakes, natural waterfalls, wide grasslands and many more natural attractions to spend time.

Japan country mostly cities are located on shore of the Sea which means these are also as port cities. Japan is a commercial country which mostly cities also has international airports and international seaports to foreign countries trades. Japan country also snow fall in whole are while in northern are occur heavy snow falls. It is a nice place to enjoy snow sports in winter season. Here also has numbers of beaches where people can do many types of the water sports in summer season.

Japan country is very good connected to other international countries via air and water transport which all major cities also has international seaport and international airport to international countries transport. Japan country also has modern transport system which includes water, road, air and train transport.

Yamagata City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.1 -3.1 -0.3 4.7 10.7 15.7 20.0 20.9 16.6 9.8 3.6 -0.7
Average High (℃) 3.3 4.4 9.1 16.4 22.6 25.9 29.1 30.5 25.8 19.5 12.6 6.1

How Reach to Yamagata City: Yamagata city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via air, train and road transport. other countries people can come to city via air and water transport which nearest international airport and seaport is located in Sendai port city.

Air Transport: Yamagata Airport is a local airport where people can get air flights to local places of the Japan country.

Sendai is a port city where has international airport where passengers can get air flights to other countries and regional places also.

Road Transport: Yamagata city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via modern road transport network.

Train Transport: Yamagata city has central railway junction where passengers can get trains to other remote and local places.

Yamagata City tourists attractions: Near of the Yamagata city has several modern, historical and natural places to visit which some are Mount Gassan - Mountain peak, Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Rissyakuji Temple (Yamadera) - Buddhist temple, Jionji Temple - Buddhist temple, Zao Fox Village, Shirataka Choei - Ski resort, Ringo Hot Spring - Day spa, Yamagata Prefectural Sports Park - Sports complex, Tendo Kogen ski resort, Tateyama Park, Tendo Park (Maizuru Park), Sagaehachimangu - Shinto shrine, Tendo Onsen YuPia - Day spa, Tachiya river Shibazakura(moss phlox), Kajo Park, Tohoku University of Art and Design - Private university etc.

Yamagata City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Yamagata city has several famous luxury and affordable hotels to stay. Its some famous restaurants are Yamagata Pudding Sweets & Cafe - Dessert restaurant, Meigetsuso, Azukiya at the foot of Mt. Zao - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, CalmHill - Pizza restaurant, BBQ Shirakaba - Mutton barbecue restaurant, Kaedean - Yakiniku restaurant, Noodles - Ramen restaurant, McDonald's = Fast food restaurant, Izakaya Tama-chan - Izakaya restaurant, Ken-chan Ramen Yamagata - Ramen restaurant, Zabun - Soba noodle shop etc.