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Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 22-Feb-2022

About Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo Destination: Yasukuni Shrine is placed in Tokyo city of the Japan country. the Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine which was established in 1869.

  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Location: Chiyoda City, Tokyo.
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Address: 3 Chome-1-1 Kudankita, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0073, Japan.
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Opened Year : 1993.
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Founder: Emperor Meiji
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shinto Shrine Show Timings (Open Hours): 6.00 am to 6.00 pm

How Can Reach to Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo: it is located in Tokyo city of the Japan country. Tokyo is a modern city of the world which is good connected to other foreign countries via air transport and water transport. Japanese other domestic places people can come to Tokyo city via road transport, air transport, train transport and water transport.

By air transport: Haneda International airport is the busiest airport of the Tokyo city where passengers can get get flights to all over world along with domestic places.

By water transport: Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal is he central cruise ship harbour of the Tokyo city where passengers can get ferry services to other domestic coastal places and foreign countries.

By train transport: Tokyo Station - Travel Terminals is the central railway station where passengers can get trains other other Japanese domestic places.

By road transport: Japan countries has excellent road transport network which all places connected with modern road transport.

Things to Do near of The Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo: travelers can do many types activities in Tokyo city which some adventure and some recreation types such as prayer in Yasukuni Shrine - Shinto shrine, watch Tokyo popular museums, watch city historical monuments places, shopping gifts in Tokyo central markets, eat Japanese local street foods, boating in rivers, fishing in Tokyo city bay etc.

Tourists attractions near of Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo: travelers can visit lots of places to visit in Tokyo city which some are the following.

Attractions near Yasukuni Shrine: Yasukuni Shrine Dohyo - Athletic field, Yushukan Museum - War museum, Shinchi Gardens, Senshintei - Garden, Sanctuary - Shinto shrine, Noh Stage, Statue of Omura Masujiro, Hosei University Ichigaya Campus, Monument of Dr. Pal, National Showa Memorial Museum, Hill of Kudan, Takatoro Jotomyodai, Nippon Budokan, Science Museum Science Hall, Chidorigafuchi Moat - Park etc.

Other attractions in Tokyo city: Imperial Palace, Edo Castle Ruins, Nijubashi Bridge, Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Park, Tokyo Station - Travel Terminals, Roppongi Hills - Tower, Meiji Jingu Shinto shrine, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Mori Art Museum - Modern art museum, teamLab Borderless - Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - Modern art museum, Tokyo Disneyland - Theme park etc. Japan tour holiday is a good plan to Yasukuni Shrine trip which is located in Tokyo capital city of the Japan country. Switzerland tour holiday and UK London tour holiday .

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Amsterdam city has lots of historical and modern places to visit which some are Strand Blijburg, Diemerpark - Park, AmsterDeck Nieuwe Meer - Swimming lake, Het Schip - Museum, Street Art Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam Tulip Museum, Torture Museum, Almeerderstrand - Beach, Muiderslot - Castle, Spottersplaats Polderbaan - Scenic spot, De Zaanse Schans - Park, Zaandijk Zaanse Schans - Travel Terminals etc.