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Yokkaichi City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 18-Sept-2023

About Yokkaichi City destination: Yokkaichi is a coastal city which is placed just 48 KM distance from Nagoya port city. It is a good destination to enjoy summer and winter season where also has skiing resort to enjoy snow sports.

Distance from Yokkaichi City: Yokkaichi city is good jointed to other Japanese places via air, train, road and water transport.

  • Yokkaichi city is just 47.7 KM distance from Nagoya port city.
  • Okazaki city is just 69.9 KM distance.
  • Hamamatsu coastal city is just 130.4 KM far.
  • Shizuoka coastal city is just 192.8 KM distance.
  • Tokyo central capital city is just 358.4 KM distance.
  • Kyoto city is just 95.7 KM distance.
  • Osaka commercial port city is just 145.0 KM distance.

Japan tour: It is a nice idea to enjoy tour in Japan country which is located in Asia region. Japan is an advanced developed country which central capital city is Tokyo which is also a largest populated and economy hub of the Japan country. Winter and summer both seasons are good enjoy holiday in Japan country while spring season is more comfort when lots of flowers blooms. Japan tour vacation booking, Europe tour vacation and Switzerland tour vacation booking.

Yokkaichi City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.1 0.0 2.9 7.9 13.0 17.8 22.2 23.2 19.4 13.0 7.1 2.0
Average High (℃) 9.0 10.0 13.3 18.7 23.2 26.1 29.9 31.4 27.7 22.4 17.0 11.5

How can come to Yokkaichi City: Yokkaichi is a modern city which is placed in Japan country near of the Nagoya port city. Yokkaichi city is very good connected to other Japanese regional destinations via air, water, train and road transport. other countries people can come to coastal city via air and water transport which nearest seaport and airport is located in Nagoya port city.

Air Transport: Chubu Centrair International Airport is the main nearest airport where passengers can get air transport services to other foreign countries. Chubu Centrair International Airport is just 60.4 KM distance from Yokkaichi coastal city.

Water Transport: Yokkaichi is a coastal city where people can get water transport services to other Japanese regional coastal destinations.

International cruise ship / ferry terminal is located in Nagoaya port city where passengers can get water transport services to other foreign countries.

Train Transport: Yokkaichi Station is the main railway station of the coastal city where passengers can get trains to other Japanese regional locations.

Yokkaichi City tourists attractions: Yokkaichi city has several historical and modern places to visit which some are Ayukawa no Senbonzakura - Scenic spot, Mie Prefectural Kameyama Sunshine Park, Suzuka-no-mori Golf Club Accordia Golf, Tsubakidai Shrine Okumiya - Shinto shrine, Yokkaichi Sports Land - Sports complex, Gozaisho Ski Area - Ski resort, Aeon Town Yokkaichi Tomari - Shopping mall, Kusu Center Green Park, Central Ryokuchi Park - Sports complex, Yokkaichi Port Building, Tarusaka Koen Ryokuchi Park, Isaka Dam Cycle Park, Kijishi Museum - Local history museum, Blumen Hugel - Theme park, Nagashima Spa Land - Amusement park etc.

Yokkaichi City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Yokkaichi coastal city has several luxury and budget types hotels to stay days and nights during the tour plan. Yokkaichi city some popular restaurants to eat delicious foods which some are sixflips six flips - Pancake restaurant, San Marco Yokkaichi Kintetsu - Japanese curry restaurant, Broddon Yokkaichi - Bakery and Cake Shop, Kobe Croquette Kintetsu - Japanese delicatessen, Paopao - Dim sum restaurant, Eel Matsuoka Kintetsu Food Store - Takeout restaurant, Side dish Matsuoka Kintetsu Department Store - Japanese delicatessen, Takohachi - Takoyaki restaurant, Sapporo Kani Honke Kintetsu Department Store - Japanese delicatessen, Ise Shunraku - Japanese delicatessen, Tonkatsu KYK Yokkaichi Kintetsu - Tonkatsu restaurant, Onigiri no Momotaro Escala - Takeout restaurant etc.