Mount Fuji Climbing Tour, Japan

Mount Fuji which almost everyone must have studied at-least in the Geography books is one of the biggest attractions of Japan. If one has the wish to climb Mount Fuji Summit (3776 Metres) and is the highest and prominent mountain makes it a place to visit for lifelong memories. The mountain gives the climber an intimidating thought which says that it is difficult to climb but the answer comes up as nothing is impossible unless you try it. Although, it can be termed as the most difficult ways to climb the mountain but the official climbing season is from July to Mid September.

It can be said that one can go alive after climbing a mountain and the gust of fresh air will make you feel small once you reach the top as every other part from bottom to the top makes you feel special and the adrenalin rush helps to enjoy the beauty of the mountain. Japanese who love to set challenges in life and achieve it to the maximum can also get the most through climbing during the season as the time is one in which mountain is free of snow. If the same thought goes for the foreign tourists they do not mind to climb this mountain either as hiking the mountain is beyond comparison.

The much experience is advised to take the trails and the common ways to reach the top rather than any unconventional ways to enjoy reaching the summit. The peak season see much of the crowd coming all the way to enjoy the climbing and Obon week comes in Mid-August when climbers stand in queue at some of the passages. If one takes the view of Edmund Hillary then he stated once that “Human life is far more important than just getting to the top of a mountain.” It’s the hardest to climb a mountain but Mount Fuji has the highest climb in Japan still the hut made at places helps to take the rest at times.

How to get there:

Once you reach Japan you will understand the beauty of Fuji and it is more than easy to reach there because of the train which takes you there. The first station is at the foot of the mountain and the tenth one is at the Summit.

So, one can enjoy a beautiful ride to the mountain at early morning and it depends upon how much time it takes to reach the summit.

Equipment to do mountain hiking:

The equipment to do mountain hiking is the most necessary of the things as it gives the much needed thing to carry on the mountain trail. The mountaineer has to understand that hiking a mountain is not easy unless it is Nepal as the mountain here does not get the facilities of pony and other person who work as porters and everything has to be done on your own.

So, the basic necessity to carry oneself over the mountains are:

Backpack: The backpack is the most necessary of the items as it helps to keep the necessary items and all of the needs for mountaineering. The backpack is of 25 Litre or 1500 Cubic Inch pack is the good one to climb the mountain.


Warm Hat: A warm hat is much needed as it is a well known fact that 70% of the body heat and thus escaping through the head.


Camp makes the ultralight titanium crampons. They are very light but considered not to be durable so it is always good to take chances with them and never broke on us.


A person just need multi-layer clothing for climbing between BC and C3.The temperature always changes very drastically when the clouds come in the path of the Sun.


Always use a heat-exchanging face mask for protection against Khumbu-Cough. It is good to use good protection.

Caution: Do not use any substance which may lead to dehydration and try not to consume alcohol. Also, do not use unnecessary items and avoid cluttering your bag with it.

Safety is needed to take the course of Mount Fuji:

The Mount Fuji is one of the best ways to be the winter delight as people try to get on top during summer, so get the best out of mountain climbing in a favorable mountain climbing weather. But, understand that you have to reach the summit and thus the health check-up before the climb is necessary.

It is necessary to go for BP check and also Blood Sugar and other related medical checkup just to see whether you are fit enough to climb mountains.

Thus, one could think that climbing mountain is easy but one has to understand that scaling 3,776 m is not a game for amateurs. So, get a coach and then run over the mountain.