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Daisetsuzan National Park Tour, Japan

Daisetsuzan National Park is one of the most beautiful mountainous region with Taisetsuzen and is located in the Northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido. It is also spread in the total area of 2,267.64 Km with being the largest national park. It is the side of the Kanagawa prefecture with the meaning of great snowy mountains being bestowed by the name of Daisetsuzan. There are total of 16 peaks which is over 2,000 metres and is a part of the most rugged scenery in Japan. Asahidake with the height of 2,290 metres is located in the North of the park and is the highest peak in Hokkaido.

Daisetsuzan national park which consists of three volcanic mountain groups. The group consists of stratovolcano which are piled on the top of each other. If one of the vent becomes active then the entire molten lava and ash becomes active and it stops with making new vents in its adjacent side thus creating new volcanic craters or slopes. The Daisetsuzan National Park lies in the northern part of the park and it includes the Hokkaido’s tallest mountains which is called Mount Asahi. The mountains are very near to each other and the second one which has got great names is the Tokachi Volcanic Group.

It lies in the southwest of the park where the north of the Yubari and Hidaka mountains. The Mount Tokachi is located in the same mountain group and the summer view brings out the view from Mount Asahidake which brings the beautiful pasture style meadows for the cattle. The Shikaribetsu Volcanic group lies in the eastern part of park and it includes Mount Ishikari. The Ishikari river which travels a 268 Kilometres or the 167 Miles which emerges from the Mountain region. The river is the third longest in Japan and the longest in Hokkaido.

The Daisetsuzan national park is also suitable for the famous wildlife and the park is home to many wildlife and several rare species. The park is known for the population of Brown bears. The Pika is a small mammal with short limbs and the rounded ears with no extreme tail as it is also found in the park. The forests are adorned with trees of distinct species and the species of alpine plants are also found at Hokkaido and the others are found at the Daisetsuzan National Park making it one of the best place to visit and also the Onsen hot springs making it another prominent reason to visit.