Hakata Dontaku Matsuri Festival, Japan

Festival History:- Hakata Dontaku Matsuri is a festival held in Japan during the Golden Week and counted with Hakata Gion Yamagasa. Every organization at Japan dance and parades with the main street in Fukuoka city according to the musical accompaniment with each event is unfolded on specially built stage which exists 30 or more places. The whole town becomes right anecdote for the people who love the style of feudal lord and the Muromachi period which originated from Hakata Matsubayashi along with Matsubayashi means Hayashi musical accompanied by pine decoration displayed in New Year. It is positioned as the Fukuoka citizen’s festival in 1962 and The Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri started.

Festival celebration:- Most of those who participate in Hakata Dontaku parade sounding a Shamoji has Okami or the female managers of Ryokan who was preparing and the supper began to be merry with the tone of musical accompaniment of Dontaku which passed by the merchant;s family front and having struck the Shamoji which had in the hand and having been added to the musical accompaniment. The festival is held at large area of Fukuoka city and the Hakata Dontaku is full of the highlight which is the “Hakata Dontaku Parade” along with “Hakata Dontaku Dance performance”. A highlight of about 25,000 persons with large parade performed in Meiji Dori between Nakasu and Tenjin.

The Festival food:- The food which is served during this festival is of very exotic variety and has lots of variety in it. The Ringo-Ame is for the visitors with sweet tooth and the promised sugar quotient is very high on these stick with a red hot syrup over it which dries hard and sticks to the eye as well as taste buds. Ikayaki is another great grilled squid snack and Hashimaki which is a type of Okonomiyaki is the most popular chopstick roll gives the delight to the pair of chopsticks ( Hashi) and is topped with Mayonnaise seaweed flakes (Nori) and Fish flakes ( Katsuo) giving gourmet delight to the person.

Festival facts:- The God of Fortune who is Matsubayashi along with Fukujin and the God who brings prosperity to the merchants shop is by the name of Meoto-Ebisu and Daikokuten ( Mahakala) coming in the lead with several hundred groups in favorite clothes along with floral car march with easy access to the festival main stage and the Fukuoka City Municipal Sybway along with Chikatetsu-Kuko-Sen Line and Tenjin-Eki station which is just 5 minutes walk. The festival happens between January 15 to June 15 which is the most suitable time to visit Japan. The details over internet makes it easy to know about the festival.