Kanda Matsuri Festival, Japan

Festival History:- Kanda Matsuri or the Kanda Festival which is one of the great Shinto festivals of Tokyo with the Fukagawa Matsuri and Sanno Matsuri. It is the festival which started in early 17th century and the battle of Sekigahara with the decisive victory during the Edo period. The festival is held on Saturday and Sunday which is closest to May 15 with Sanno Matsuri and is held in odd-numbered years. The festival takes place at Kanda shrine along with surrounding central around Tokyo districts. The prominent parade involves over 200 Mikoshi with addition to musicians along with dancers and floats making it a great festival.

Festival celebration:- It is a grand six-day celebration along with attracting the large crowds esp. On two days. In the Shinko-Sai parade the Mikoshi portable shrines is found from Kanda to Nihombashi along with the Ote-Marunouchi area and it can be understood from the importance given to the festival that the Sanno Matsuri along with Kanda Matsuri are the only two procession which pass through the Edo castle grounds. It is said that the Tokugawa Shogun which began to rule the country from Edo( present day Tokyo) and the demonstration of the prosperity under the new regime thus giving the best of the wishes to the public in general.

Since, Tokyo is beautifully connected to every airport of the world it could be easily reached and if the food are concerned then the Japan’s political centre for over four centuries. The beautiful city Tokyo is naturally a good place to enjoy and the Japanese cuisine along with the standard version of the dish is presented in a great ways. The local creations from Tokyo which is formerly called Edo along with often referred as Edomae which makes it “infront of Edo”. The common foods are Nigiri-Zushi which is originated as a fast-food along with small ball of rice giving less time and effort to prepare the traditional Sushi dishes.

So, one could understand that since Tokyo is the commercial capital along with the outlying areas such festivals connect the people to the world along with the enjoyment at Night clubs. Also, the food and the mouth watering recipes from cheap hole-in-the wall joints to the expensive high-class restaurants with every budget in between and the regional specialties along with worship of three important deities who are Daikokuten-who is the main deity along with the other two helping to understand the spiritual connection between the God and men.