Kiyomizu Dera Tour, Japan

About Kiyomizu-Dera:- Kiyomizu-Dera which is formally known as Chowa-san Kiyomizu Dear is one of the Buddhist temple in Eastern kyoto. The temple is also a part of the Historic monuments of Ancient Kyoto and is part of the 33-temple route of the Chugoku 33 Kannon pilgrimage through the Western Japan. The Kiyomizu-Dera temple gets associated with the Buddhist priest Nichiren. The temple got founded in 778 by Sakanoue No Tamuramano and the present building got constructed in 1633 which is ordered by Tokugawa Lemitsu. The prime deity here is Senju-Kannon and the structure took the name from waterfall within the complex which runs off the nearby hills.

How can Reach:- Kiyomizu Dera is located in Kyoto city in Kyoto Prefecture of the Japan country. It is located just 452.4 KM distance from Tokyo capital city.

Its nearest large station is Kyoto where are available seven different types express trains to other cities of the country. Here also available bullet trains to major cities of the country. It is just 3.3 KM far from Kiyomizu Dera Temple.

"Kansai International Airport" is a large international airport here tourists can get flights to foreign countries direct. It is exact 99.8 KM distance from Kyoto city.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Kansai International Airport" is a large international airport of the Japan country where tourists can get flight direct to lots of foreign countries. It is just 99.8 KM far from Kyoto.

Nearest Railway station:- Kyoto Station (3.3 KM) - Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokaido Main Line, Sanin Main Line, Nara Line, Kyoto Line, Karasuma Line, Kosei Line & Kusatsu Line. Tourists can get here seven different express along with bullet trains to other cities of the Japan.

Bues Services:- Buses are available from "Kansai International Airport" (99.8 KM) to Kyoto city tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Kansai International Airport" (99.8 KM) to Kyoto city tour.

Completed Built Year: 778

Japan National Treasure site:- Yes

Location:- Kyoto, Japan (Kyoto Prefecture).

Tourist Attractions:- Ninnaji Pagoda, 17 UNESCO's World Heritage sites (Kinkaku-ji, Nijo Castle, Kiyomizu-dera, Tenryu-ji & Daigo-ji), Imperial Palaces and Villas.

Things to Do:- Funaoka Onsen - Public baths, Cherry blossoms (1 to 15 April), Plum blossoms, Setsubun - Festival (Feb), Hanatoro - Festival (March), Aoi Matsuri - Festival (May), Gion Matsuri - Festival (July), Cooking Classes.

Kyoto Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 1.2 1.4 4.0 9.0 14.0 18.8 23.2 24.3 20.3 13.6 7.8 3.2
Average High (℃) 8.9 9.7 13.4 19.9 24.6 27.8 31.5 33.3 28.8 22.9 17.0 11.6

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Distances from Kyoto City:-

Tokyo City : 452.4 KM

Yokohama City : 438.7 KM

Osaka City : 54.9 KM

Nagoya City : 130.2 KM

Sapporo City : 1445.8 KM

Nara City : 45.4 KM