Kyoto City Tour, Japan

About Kyoto:- Kyoto is a city which is still the cultural capital of Japan with lots of Pagodas and Temples of Buddhist structure. The entire city is a potpourri of culture and the person who visits this city will be surprised to see the Kyoto’s beautiful side where people pay attention to your thoughts and the respect could be seen in their yes and the deeds. The city is engulfed with lots of water bodies and parks making the current generation to understand the importance of the natural coexistence of plants, animals and humans giving the city a true picture of humanity.

The tour of the city is easy to do as the city is an example of well transverse region with connecting most of the parts through train and bus. If the famous places to go for the sightseeing which is known for enjoying around then it is the Nijo castle with the former Kyoto residence of Shogun along with Kyoto railway museum and the Sento palace with the backdrop of Imperialism along with beautiful gardens. Pontocho is the narrow lane offering atmospheric dining and the Nishiki market is the fresh food market with good street food at Central Kyoto. When one thought rise about Imperialism then the residence of Kyoto imperial family could be seen. Kyoto Tour, Kyoto Travel, Kyoto Holiday, Kyoto Trip, Kyoto Vacation and Kyoto Tourism to explore famous places.

The city is known for its temples and the Ginkakuji is the temple which is actually covered in Silver with the another temple made of wooden terrace and it is one of the most beautiful and famous face. The shrines are also to be found in great numbers and the ultimate Torri gate experience could be found at Fushimi Inari shrine. The famous temple towards South-East of Kyoto is the Daigoji temple. If the local breweries beer and wine is your perfect choice of yous then the Fushimi sake District can be found to be the perfect place to enjoy sipping of the drinks and thus get the richness of the wine and its flavour.

The city has two annual light up event and the historical period from the Heian period along with the historical parade covering an entire millennium at Jidai Matsuri. Although, reaching Kyoto is easy as it is connected by excellent road and railways network along with the overseas travelers can fly into Kansai International Airport and then get a train to Kyoto or the Meitetsu Airport line to Nagoya with changing line to Tokaido Shinkansen.

Tourists attractions:- UNESCO's World Heritage site - Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji, Imperial Palaces, Imperial Villa, Ninnaji Pagoda.

Things to do:- Funaoka Onsen - Public baths, Cherry blossoms, Setsubun -Festival, Cherry Blossom Season - April, Jidai Matsuri - October, Cooking Classes.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 1.2 1.4 4.0 9.0 14.0 18.8 23.2 24.3 20.3 13.6 7.8 3.2
Average High (℃) 8.9 9.7 13.4 19.9 24.6 27.8 31.5 33.3 28.8 22.9 17.0 11.6

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Distances from Kyoto:-

Tokyo City : 452.3 KM

Yokohama City : 441.6 KM

Osaka City : 54.9 KM

Nagoya City : 130.2 KM

Sapporo City : 1445.6 KM

Kobe City : 74.4 KM

Nearest Major Airport:- "Kansai International Airport" is the major airport of the Japan country where tourists can get flights to foreign countries. It is just 100 KM distance from Kyoto city centre.