Caldera Climbing Tour, Japan

With the mountain climbing becoming a hobby and the enthusiasts taking short steps towards Mountain climbing it makes easy for the people to start as an amateur mountaineer. It makes sense that the Mount Aso is an active volcano which is in the centre of Kyushu. It is the ancient caldera ranks among the world with the largest diameter upto 25 Kms and with the circumference of 100 Kilometres. It is in the centre of the Caldera which stands at the mountain with the active Volcanic peaks including the Mount Nakadake with the spectacular crater which is easily accessible by the tourists through toll road or by the ropeway.

One has to note that the crater area is partially and sometimes gets completely cordoned off because of the fumes which gets poisonous volcanic gases or the risk of the volcanic activity. So, make sure that it is not about volcanic eruptions but the safety and precautionary measures which is taken into thought so that the scaling of summit should not become an obnoxious problem. The crater is often partially sometimes as far from Nakadake crater and it is a grass covered plain with grazing cows and a few horses. The horse riding is possible from early March to Mid-December.

Komezuka is a small with beautifully shaped volcanic cone on the northern slopes of the Nakadake with the pleasant walking trails in the vicinity with Komezuka and it is however easy access is not possible as there is no public transportation.The access for Nakadake crater can be reached in 30-40 minutes with the bus ride from JR Aso Station. It has one bus about every 1-2 hours with one way trip can cost an affordable trip through Japan Rail Pass.

The Japan is a country which gives lots of respect to the people who come from outside as tourists so there is a lot of mutual respect and attention they get back in return as the most deserving people. The only precaution if a person is visiting with the sole purpose of climbing the Mountain Aso Caldera is that one can check the volcano current state of eruption before the person should visit the country. There was a no-entry zone around Mount Aso’s crater which was lifted on April 24, 2018 and is now possible to view the crater again and once the gas levels get too high with the weather being visibility getting too bad.