Nagoya City Tour, Japan

About Nagoya:- Nagoya is Japan's fourth-largest city after Tokyo along with Yokohama and Osaka and is the major economic centre. It is the centre of Automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries in Japan with auto-making giants like the Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi motors with development of the Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft wings which makes the country a prominent partners in the development of Boeing. The country has seen a development of modern metropolis which has also bought many foreigners to the area along with the climate which varies ranging from as low as 4 degree celsius ( 39.2 degree fahrenheit) with a high of 35 degree celsius (95 degree fahrenheit).

Now, talking about how to reach the city of dialects which is Nagoya Ben and with over two million inhabitants it is the capital of Aichi perfecture and the principal city of the Nobi plain with one of the Honsu's three large plains and metropolitan along with industrial centers. The major tourist attractions are Railway museum by the Central Japan Railways. The Toyota Motor Corporations has its headquarters just outside of Nagoya. If the resorts are to be known then the Nagasimha resort is one of the largest amusement park and then the Legoland is one of the amusement park featuring the popular toys shops all over. Nagoya Tour, Nagoya Travel, Nagoya Holiday, Nagoya Trip, Nagoya Vacation and Nagoya Tourism to visit tourist places.

The Korankei is one of the valleys outside Nagoya which is famous for all the hub of the Aichi region along with and is divided into 16 different wards or Ku and the sprawling agglomeration are Nagoya station to the North along with Sakae to East and Kanayama to South. The car-friendly wide streets along with boulevards were bulldozed through rubble of war, making for what is the city of today. The shrines which are an important part of the culture of Japan is one of the most important shrines along with Osu Kannon Temple and Noritake Garden with Sakae and if the Takayama which is one of the Japan's richest old towns it shows how the Japan knows to preserve its culture and is one of the richest towns in terms of cultures.

It is easy to reach the city by air as the Chubu Centrair International Airport and further one could connect from the airport to city by the fastest trains and the all-reserved depart for Nagoya every 30 minutes and buses with Japan Bus Pass making valid travel on all routes.

Tourists attractions:- Nagoya Aquarium, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya Castle, Nittaiji Temple, Shirakawa Park, Shiroyama Hakusan Shrine, Nagoya TV Tower, Hisaya-Odori Park.

Things to do:- Higashiyama Park - sky tower, Nagoya Sumo Tournament, Osu Summer Festival, Nagoya Noh Theatre, Nagoya Castle Festival, Chunichi Dragons, Movies - Cinemas, Nagoya Sightseeing Bus Me-Guru.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 0.8 1.1 4.2 9.6 14.5 19.0 23.0 24.3 20.7 14.1 8.1 3.1
Average High (℃) 9.0 10.1 13.9 19.9 24.1 27.2 30.8 32.8 28.6 22.8 17.0 11.6

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Distances from Nagoya:-

Tokyo City : 344.3 KM

Yokohama City : 333.6 KM

Osaka City : 178.3 KM

Sapporo City : 1446.6 KM

Kyoto City : 134.8 KM

Kobe City : 202.2 KM

Nearest Major Airport:- "Chubu Centrair International Airport" is the third largest airport which is just 48.3 KM distance from Nagoya city centre. Here torists can access international and domestic flights.