Nakamise Shopping Market Street Tour, Japan

Nakamise Shopping Market street is one of the traditional street located at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa and it is a great historical site complex with the old downtown atmosphere. It is a place which attracts the Japanese and foreign tourists all the year around. It can be said as one of the best attractions with Nakamise street and connects the main gate of Sensoji Temple with Kaminarimon gate along with the main hall. The main advantage of the Nakamise street is that it is only within few steps away from Asakusa station. One can take the A3-A5 exit for the Nakamise Street.

Some of the best attractions of Nakamise Shopping Market Street is its shops which sell sweet cake filled with sweet red bean paste along with shapes of dolls, birds and Asakusa’s symbolic lantern by the name of “Kaminarimon”. Their traditional way to bake which has not changed since 100 years. Also, it sells candies which are another popular souvenirs here. The colorful small candies are too cute to eat and they are generally sold in beautiful traditional patterned cases. This unrealistically beautiful candy is called “Amezaiku” which is one of the traditional Japanese candy crafty art.

The souvenirs on the street target both domestic and international tourists and provide the cheesy items which have authentic flavors such as Japanese Chopsticks along with Yukata, Geta, Wooden Combs, fabrics and folding fans. During the days of the rooster in November according to Chinese Zodiac calendar with special events which were held to sell Kumade Bamboo rakes. It is said that they are lucky for business. The event has been held since 300 years in front of Sensoji and if a rake is sold to the buyer and seller perform a ritual hand with the clapping ceremony known as Tejime together.

The Nakamise shopping street is a great place to collect the souvenir items and snack food. Also, one thing could be noticed that outdoor markets are usually near temples along with some common similarities with China and Taiwan. It is also said that after coming out of the temple people love to eat some food and a lot of appetizers could be found with fried snacks along with custard filling and it tastes so good. It is also easy to reach there as one can get down at Asakusa station of the Ginza Subway line which comes through Asakusa Subway line of Tobu railways.

Open Hours:- 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Location:- Tokyo Capital City, Japan

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