Nebuta Matsuri Aomori Festival, Japan

Festival History:- The Nebuta Matsuri is a Japanese Summer Festival which takes place in Aomori, Aomori perfecture, Japan during early August. The festival attracts most of the tourists which is counted among the three largest festivals in the Tohuku region. Nebuta refers to the haneto custom and the most widely explanation is the festival originated through flutes and taiko future Shogun Shakanoue no Tamarumaro which attracts the attention of enemy during the battle in Mutsu province. The highlights of the daily festival is daily parade of enormous lantern floats which are 15 to 30 feet tall made of fragile washi paper, hand-designed wire with a bamboo frame.

Festival celebration:- The intricate floats are the best part of this festival and the audience participation is through the onlookers who were regardless of their age or ability along with participating in the festival along with dancing around with hand-pulled floats and the chants of “rassera” could be heard. Any person who wears a traditional haneto dancing costume is invited to join the parade. Some of the costumes gets passed from generation to generation and is easily purchased through the prefecture for 10,000 Yen or rented along the processional route for the parade in 4,000 Yen. The three types of Nebuta floats listed in order to grandeur. Japan Travel & Europe Travel

If there is a feeling of adventure then try renting out a costume with dancing alongside your favorite float. Every night of the festival the floats are wheeled out on the streets of downtown except on the last day the parade is held in afternoon. Floats gets pushed along the street by human power which is weaved back and forth and thus spinning around for the crowd. There are free seating on the ground along with nearly three kilometre long parade route as well with reserved seats and available from ticket Pia and convenience stores. Participation in the parades gets encouraged with people coming from all around to join dancing.

The Festival food:- The common food found during these festivals are Apple pie along with bits of spring onion and splashed with vinegar like sauce and the greatest festival foods ever are served with meats on a stick. A bacon kushi is served followed by a Gyu steak kushi along with chunks of delicious tender Aomori beef which is nicely salted and grilled along with blush pink centre.

Festival facts:- Some of the facts related to the origins of the festivals are theories which include Nebuta simply originating from flutes and drums of old armies which used to intimidate enemies or with more gruesome tales of defeated clans.