Overnight Stay In Mount Koya Tour, Japan

The Mount Koya Temple is one of the many temples which is based at Shojoshin-in and is located at the other end of temple area with the famous cemetery on the mountain. The temple is beautiful with surroundings which touch the heart and also the Overnight Mount Koya Temple has become such a thought about spending sometime during the night at the temple. The Mount Koya “free service” is a pass which allows a person to get a special price on return train fare and one can get down at “Namba Nankai station” with free guide provided for the journey.

A person can arrive at the base of Mount Koya through the mountain train weaving and out of the surrounding forest with the glimpses of finding tiny villages and mountain streams with very large and small temples all around. In this way, one could understand that the mad dash of visitors is to be found in this area because of the natural beauty the area posses and also the discounted entrance tickets to the various temples in this beautiful place which is by the name of Mount Koya Temple.There is also a cable car connected to the top of the mountain with the bus station also by the Mount Koya Rail line.

The good thing is that overnight Mount Koya Temple a person also gets dinner and the monks guide you to the dining area and with the exquisitely decorated tatani mat room. The meals are vegetarian and the monks guide to the food which are made at a diffferent place and then bought to the temples. It is necessary to know that the Mount Koya Temple is a place of worship and it is necessary to understand that Monks are there for the religious duties and all of them are not bilingual due to which it might happen that apart from Japanese they don’t know other language. Also, it is not necessary that they are well versed in English due to which they might find communication problem.

The Overnight Mount Koya Temple gives a different thoughtful presence once a person spends an overnight there. Also, once you wake up at the morning and getting ready for another day one could find the monks helping people with chants which is in Japanese and also the mind drifts in a hypnotic state making the person feel a very holy experience.