Ramen Food, Japan

What is Ramen: Ramen is a Japanese dish which consists of wheat noodles along with dumplings of meat or fish based broth and is occasionally flavoured with Soy sauce or Miso. The toppings is done with sliced pork and dried seaweed with Ramen and Tonkotsu. Although, now a favorite food of Japan it was introduced by Chinese and the early version of wheat noodles with Chinese-style roast pork.

Now, a days it is far more easy to make it through Instant Noodles along with seasoning it with dry fruits and vegetables. The instant noodle is a precooked with various brands and the main ingredients which one can put is through garnish of Kraft American cheese slice right on top.

The Ramen is one of the most searched food over the Internet for its recipe as it is easy to make and ranging in flavors from bacon and egg to spicy Sriracha to vegetarian miso as it is a lot cheaper way to make it and thus can be said the most suitable food item for the students, kids and also executives who have to reach office during Rush Hours.

How to make the Ramen (Food recipe): The recipes which can be made out of Ramen noodles could be said as almost one liner recipes making it easy to understand and giving no hard time to cook. Here are some of the recipes:

Winter Chicken Ramen:

The seasonal recipe is broken down into 6 simple steps with everything cooking in rice broth for maximum flavour. A healthy dose of cabbage along with spring onions and the hard-boiled egg will make it an instant meal.

Mason Jar “Instant” Ramen Zoodles

Just elevate your friendship to a new heights with making Mason Jar “Instant” Ramen Noodles with bringing zoodles and then just put a make-ahead you'll feel better after. A meal with egg, meat balls and Instant Ramen Zoodles will give instant satisfaction and then sexual gratification is not far away.

A farmer's Ramen:

A farmer's Ramen is just a name as it does not remind of the farmer toiling hard in the farm and the farmer's Ramen is no less in taste. It is loaded with bitter greens along with carrots, ginger and leeks along with perfect dinner helping to get that wonderful taste.

Thai Peanut Chicken and Ramen Noodle Soup

If one talks about fusion it can lead to getting a food with Japanese or Thai Food with plenty of veggies like sweet potato, cremini mushrooms and red peppers. The fire in the belly can be doused by right food and if the concoction of peanut butter which can be a great substitute for Japanese or Chinese food.