Reaching Japan by Ferry

Japan a land which is known for its literary acumen and the tough fight it gives to its opponents has some well defined routes for reaching by ferry as well. The country which is an Archipelago is surrounded by ports and harbour from where one could find the ships cruising to various cities. The South Korea, Russia and Taiwan are countries from where one could frequently visit Japan. The country from where people visit most of the time is Korea and Seoul stands to be a buzzing place which makes Japan a useful stepping stone to reach the country and thus one could enjoy great nightlife, awesome food and accommodation options.

South Korea peninsula is connected to China and Russia and there are many connecting ferries on this route. For Japan the usual route is through Busan and the Ferry terminal is just a 10-minute walk from the main Busan station. The Ferries are fully air-conditioned and they put the thought of some great way to enjoy the sea faring through the waters. If the person see the easy way to reach Japan there are many international cruise ships which could be found on these international waters from the nearby countries. It is easy to book the ferries over these routes and then all one needs to do is book 24 hour in advance and reach the destination easily.

Russia is another destination from where one could easily reach Japan. The two countries have regular ferry services although some of them got canceled in the year 2018. Shakalin is a port island which is visible from the northernmost tip of Hokkaido on clear days and at the closest point the two islands are only 40 Km apart. It can be a great holiday destination with residents throwing their arms open to tourists. Both the countries have well built ports and the distance between the two countries is the least where people could reach with less of the amount thus making it very easy on pocket and the cruise ships are more than fascinating with all the facilities of a super luxury accommodation.

Taking the Ferry from Taiwan to Japan is one of the best option as both countries share international waters and are island nations. The ports are easy to find and there are connecting ferries from Taiwan via China to Japan. The Japanese ferry industry is thriving and it makes easy way to travel to all the neighbouring countries and thus make a well spend holiday to reach there.


Japan the Most Busiest International Port Harbours:-

Seaport Name:- Port of Tokyo.

Seaport Location:- Tokyo, Japan

Seaport Address:- 8-chome-8, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Yokosuka.

Seaport Location:- Yokosuka, Japan

Seaport Address:- 6 Chome-1 Nishiuraga, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 239-0824, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Akita.

Seaport Location:- Akita, Japan

Seaport Address:- 1 Chome-13 Tsuchizakiminatonishi, Akita, 011-0945, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Chiba.

Seaport Location:- Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Seaport Address:- 1 Chome-6 Chuoko, Chuo Ward, Chiba, 260-0024, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Funagawa.

Seaport Location:- Oga, Akita, Japan

Seaport Address:- Japan, 010-0511 Akita, Oga, Funagawaminato Funagawa, Kaigandori1go−20


Seaport Name:- Port of Hachinohe.

Seaport Location:- Hachinohe, Japan

Seaport Address:- Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0000, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Hakodate.

Seaport Location:- Hakodate, Japan

Seaport Address:- 10 Irifunecho, 040-0057, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Ibaraki.

Seaport Location:- Ibaraki, Japan

Seaport Address:- 5774 Minatocho, Hitachi, Ibaraki 319-1223, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Kobe.

Seaport Location:- Kobe, Japan

Seaport Address:- 5 Chome Minatojima, 650-0045, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Nagoya.

Seaport Location:- Nagoya, Japan

Seaport Address:- 1-3 Minatomachi, Minato Ward, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Noshiro.

Seaport Location:- Noshiro, Japan

Seaport Address:- 9-53 Omachi, Noshiro, Akita 016-0803, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Osaka.

Seaport Location:- Osaka, Japan

Seaport Address:- 1 Chome-5-10 Kaigandori, Minato Ward, Osaka, 552-0022, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Sakata.

Seaport Location:- Sakata, Japan

Seaport Address:- 88-31 Kominato, Sakata, Yamagata 998-0000, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Takamatsu.

Seaport Location:- Takamatsu, Japan

Seaport Address:- 8 Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0019, Japan


Seaport Name:- Port of Yokohama.

Seaport Location:- Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Japan

Seaport Address:- Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0023, Japan