Rafting Iya Valley Tour, Japan

River Rafting is one of the most adventurous sports and is practiced around the world with the people participating in all age groups. The people whether in amazon river, The Ganges or Beas along with the many other rivers find it better to go through fierce rapids and enjoy the moment of fun and laughter in groups. The river rafting does not need any training but a little particular way of enjoying the river in a way to understand that the big step dangerous and small step dangerous course are to be found throughout the river course and thus understand that river can throw out from the rubber boat as well.

Japan is also the same in terms of River rafting at Iya Valley but one of Japan’s three Hidden valleys is the home to a dramatic mountain scenery with traditional thatched roof homes along with historic vine bridges. It is supposedly a hiding place which is just like a fleeing Samurai with the defeated Heike clan but it is just a presupposition of the rich history of the valley. The valley could be somewhat raised into Japanese and Western consciousness by the outspoken Japanese culture. The Iya Valley offers a different facet of otherwise urban Japan which is a welcome reprieve for the visitors which has its own natural fresh environment.

The Iya Valley offers a different facet otherwise in Urban Japan and is welcomed reprieve for the visitors due to its fresh natural environment along with the lifestyle and environment which is maintained through as far to the extent of Tokyo’s Shinjuku and the same country looks so different at every steps. Now, through the Oboke and Koboke which means “big step dangerous” or the “small step dangerous” along with the Yoshino river which forms the right rafting and it is easy to get detailed information in English as most of the Rafting point has main access road of Rt 32 with the extensive way to enjoy the steep gorges in the river.

The hiking at the Iya Valley which requires a week of time as it is very extensive and remains a bit more difficult to reach the misty mountain trail in the past but there are four airports on Shikoku Island and can be reached by Kochi ( A place also at Japan) airport or also train is a good way to reach. Not only that the bus can be found to traverse from either Osaka or Kobe with also car touring the Iya Valley.