Shabu Shabu Food, Japan

What is Shabu-Shabu: Shabu-Shabu is a Japanese Food which is made by Japanese Nabemoni Hotpot Dish of thinly sliced vegetables boiled in water. It is one of the dish which is more savory and it was introduced in the late 20th Century. It is one of the rich dish where the ingredients are much of the non-vegetarian types and people put either thinly sliced beef or pork, crab and chicken along with lamb, duck or lobster making it a great food to eat.

A lot number of sauces along with dip meats and vegetables are used to make the hot stick with cooked meat and vegetables which are served with a bowl of steamed white rice. The meat and vegetables once get eaten the leftover broth from the pot is combined with remaining rice and the resulting soup is usually eaten at last.

Shabu-Shabu can be eaten at restaurants or even enjoyed at home as it is easy to make but esp. During the winter as it has much of calories due to meat balls in it. At the same time a summer version also gets prepared with Hiyashi shabu or rei shabu which also exists with the same name and thus making it one of the seasonal bounty.

How to make the Shabu-Shabu (Food recipe):

The Shabu-Shabu is a thinly sliced meat and fresh vegetables with lots of hot-pot meals to come up. If one thinks about the food it involves dipping meat and vegetables with large variety of assorted sauces.

1.Slice the vegetables and meat after rinsing it thoroughly with water and then boil it.

2.Keep the broth to a low boil and prevent overcooking.

3.Add vegetables and cook briefly to add flavor with meat and seafood along with spices added to it.

4.Leafy vegetables are also introduced making it a culinary delight.

5.Also, a dipping is made with either coriander leaves or tomato to add taste to the food.

6.It can be enjoyed like Fondue with ingredients cooked over the course of meal.

7.One can lower the temperature of the boiling broth and interrupt the cooking.

8.The cooked meat and vegetables are put into the pot and dip them into various sauces.

9.Cooking the meat and vegetables dipped into a sauce and then eating with rice adds taste to it.

10.The finisher for meal can be with the rice or noodles mixed with raw beaten egg adding to the broth for everyone enjoying the meal.