Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Japan

Shinkansen the popular name for the Japanese Bullet Trains could be the talk of the town in India, as well because the country is now planning to boost their railway network though Bullet Trains. Leaving India aside lets talk about the technological achievements of the Japanese Bullet trains which has given their country an edge over the other parts of the Asian Territories. The network of high-speed trains which has connected this Island nation cutting off the long-distance travel by less time and is operated by the Five Japan Railways Group companies. The network presently links most of the major cities on the islands of Honshu and Kyushu along with Hakodate on northern islands of Hokkaido with an extension to Sapooro along with under construction line which will gets completed in March 2031.

If one thinks about the Japan’s bullet trains which can choose the bullet train passes with the Japan Rail pass along with JR East Pass with Kyushu Rail Pass and the Akita Shinkansen which is more about Akita Shinkansen like for Tohuku and with Yamagata Shinaksen but there is a service which is unparalleled in terms of ridership as the Chinese Bullet trains surpassed it. In this way, one could understand that since Japan is an island nation while Chinese has a vast territory the ridership does not count with it. The travel on billet trains does not only save money but the time could not get saved in a better way. The itineraies could be set according to the train timings and it will take the traveller traverse the entire territory.

The services on Bullet trains are much techno-savvy but the multiple language announcement system helps in a better manner. The catering services are superb and with most of the snacks drinks and meals could be purchased through vending machines. Most of the trains do not promote smoking which makes the train and station almost a non-smoking zone. The luggage facilities with a maximum of 60 Kilo Gram and 250cm total in height and length, width. The bicycles are permitted over the bullet trains at no additional cost with much of the bicycles getting disassembled or folded and then getting it packed.

Even, the animals such as small dogs, cats and birds are allowed who are less than 10 K.G. and with a maximum of total height and length of 90 cm. The accessibility to some of the most iconic images of modern Japan with a needle-nosed bullet train with speeding towards Mt. Fuji with also during the cherry blossom season giving much of the beauty of the country to be enjoyed by a connectivity which has attracted many in the past, present and hopefully in the coming future as well.

Shinkasen (Bullet Train) Maximum Speed:- 320 K.M. / Hour

Shinkasen (Bullet Train) Starting Year:- 1964

Shinkasen (Bullet Train) Tracks Total Length - (till 2018):- 2,764.6 K.M.