Shiretoko National Park Tour, Japan

About Shiretoko National Park:- Shiretoko National Park which covers most of the Shiretoko Peninsula nearest to the tip of the North-Eastern tip of the island of Hokkaido, Japan. The word “Shiretoko” is derived from Ainu word sir etok which actually means the place where the earth protrudes and it is known as one of the most remote regions in Japan. Shiretoko is also the best known as home of the Japan’s largest brown bear population which offers views of Kunashiri island. There is also hot springs waterfall called Kamuiwakka falls which means water of the Gods in Ainu. The temperate and subalpine mixed forests which are also covered with Siberian Dwarf Pine making the national park a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of it’s flora and fauna.

How can reach:- Shiretoko National Park is located on Hokkaido Island in northern of the Japan country. Its nearest towns are Rausu and Utoro. It is approx 1550 KM far from Tokyo capital city.

Minami-Shari is the nearest railway station which is just 74.9 KM distance from Rausu town where Tourists can get here express trains to other nearest cities.

"Memanbetsu Airport" is exact 118 KM distance from Nearest town Rausu of the Shiretoko National Park where tourists can get domestic flights to Sappora and Tokyo.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Memanbetsu Airport" is a domestic airport on Hokkaido Island where tourists can get flights to Sappora and Tokyo.

Nearest Railway Station:- Minami-Shari - Senmo Main Line (74.9 KM distance from Rausu town). Tourists can get here express trains to other cities.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Memanbetsu Airport" (118 KM) to Shiretoko National Park tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Memanbetsu Airport" (118 KM) to Shiretoko National Park tour.

Established Year:- 1964

Total Covered Area:- 386.33 Sq. K.M.

UNESCO World Heritage site:- from 2005

Location:- Hokkaido Island, Japan (Northern).

Tourist Attractions:- Shiretoko Five Lakes, Kamuiwakka Falls, Shiretoko Pass, wide landscape.

Things to Do:- Mountain climing on Mt. Rausu, Walking on wooden track, Cruise Trip (April to October), Shiretoko Arpa, Iwaobetsu Onsen - Hot spring bath, Kuma no Yu.

Hokkaido Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -6.0 -8.0 -5.0 -1.0 3.0 7.0 11.0 14.0 13.0 8.0 2.0 -3.0
Average High (℃) -2.0 -2.0 0.0 5.0 9.0 11.0 15.0 18.0 18.0 14.0 8.0 1.0

Nearest Accommodations:- Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel, KITAKOBUSHI SHIRETOKO Hotel & Resort, Shiretoko Serai, Rausu no Yado Marumi Ryokan Hokkaid, Minshuku Ishiyama, Shiretoko Mura, Rausu Minenoyu, Hotel Grantia Shiretoko Shari Ekimae.

Distances from Rausu Town:-

Tokyo City : 1527.3 KM

Yokohama City : 1549.3 KM

Osaka City : 1867.7 KM

Nagoya City : 1820.6 KM

Sapporo City : 444.7 KM

Kyoto City : 1817.2 KM

Fukuoka City : 2428.5 KM