Beppu Onsen Hot Springs Tour, Japan

Beppu Onsen hot springs is one of the most famous hot springs resorts in Japan. The city has eight different springs and they are named as follows:

1. Beppu Onsen

2. Kannawa Onsen

3. Myoban Onse

4. Kankaiji Onsen

5. Hamawaki Onsen

6. Kamegawa Onsen

7. Horita Onsen

8. Shibaseki Onsen

The Onsen resorts produce more hot spring water than any other onsen resort in Japan and it sets Beppu apart from the other Onsen resorts is not only in abundance in terms of thermal waters. The Beppu apart from other Onsen resorts is not only its abundance thermal waters but with the help of the wide range of bath types which gets a lot of enjoyment at the resorts. The conventional hot water baths with the Beppu offers and sand baths with heated sand along with steam baths along with the hot steam spring and even the mud baths with the foreign tourists.

The more baths can be found in nearby Yufuin and people love to take a dip in the baths which also cure the people from certain skin issues as such waters are full of sulphur and also the hot springs help in making various food as well. The Beppu is a place which also provides basically mud hot water baths and a person cam relish foods at the hot spring centers where one can find steam cooking centre. Beppu’s hot springs not only produce abundant amounts of water but with the help of steam one can see a lot of steam blowing out here and there across the city.

The tourists have the opportunity to eat their own food by cooking it at Jigokumushi Kobo Steam Cooking centre which is found near the hells of the hells of the Kannawa districts. It is staffed by volunteers with the centre and is a mix between a public kitchen and restaurant with rows of steam chambers which gets rented to cook the food. The visitors can bring own food or purchase it in Yen which can be anywhere between 150 or 3000 Yen which is the most meal-sized portions and it cost around 1000 Yen. Ice cream, drinks and are also available but the noteworthy alcoholic beverages are not allowed on premises.

It is located near few steps down the street from Kannawa bus terminal which can be accessed by frequently departing buses from JR Beppu Station in about 15 minutes with the bus number 5, 7 and 9 are the fastest on this route.