Soba Noodles Food, Japan

What is Soba: The buckwheat gets another name which is Soba. It refers to thin noodles which is made from buckwheat flour and could be served either chilled or with dipping sauce into hot broth as a noodle soup. Soba noodles are served in a variety of ways and at the same time served well by expensive quality restaurants as well. Soba is typically eaten with chopsticks and it is considered acceptable to slurp noodles easily. The common Soba dishes are Cold Soba dishes such as Mori Soba, Zaru Soba, Hadaka Soba along with Soba Maki and Soba Salad.

How to make the Soba (Food recipe): Soba noodles are almost in everyday meals of Japan. Eating Soba out through two most common ways such as Jihanki Shokudo where one can but at the ticket machine or else the Soba-ya which are the restaurants along with home preparations as people love to make popular dishes at home as well.

It's an interesting fact that eating Soba needs some etiquette as well:

Step 1: Sip the soup.

Step 2: Try the noodles.

Step 3:Select condiments.

Step 4: Apply toppings

Step 5: Eat Noodles.

Step 6: Pour Sobayu into leftover soup and enjoy.

There are various types of Soba noodles such as Tensoba, Tororo Soba and Tsukimi. If one think about making some authentic Soba dishes then it can be found over the internet as the various hot and cold Soba options but still here is the easiest way to make Soba as the perfect food item.

Tsukimi is a common form of Soba which can be easy to make:

First boil the Soba noodles and then rinse out the extra water. Pull out the noodles and keep it aside for helping the extra water to dry out. Chop out onion, garlic, coriander leaves and green chilli. With the egg being the perfect ingredient to add taste one could immediately put one or two egg in a frying pan and make half-fry eggs to make that perfect egg dish. A little bit of vinegar is poured into the Soba and then it is half boiled over medium temperature. Once the Soba gets light as its hardness gets over then pour it into a bowl and add the chopped vegetables into it after which the egg is added to the dish making it a perfect nutritious and healthy food to eat and enjoy the Soba noodles not to forget the etiquette as well.