Sushi Food, Japan

What is Sushi: Sushi is one of the main ingredient of food and lifestyle. If a person ask a Non-Japanese about the food which he would prefer at any Japanese restaurant or while visiting to Japan then he will certainly speak Sushi. It shows the food preference by the food lovers or connoisseurs who love food and its style.

How to make the Shushi (Food recipe): Making the Shushi is easy for chef as well as common person. It can be easy once the person understands the ingredient.

A critical step with making great sushi rice and the seasoning is done through Morimoto which is a mixture of rice along with vinegar, sugar and salt. Also, carefully separating and fulfilling grains with slicing motion making it fluffy.

Preparing the fillings with Shushi grade fish must be handled correctly and it should be frozen for at-least one day to kill all the parasites. The best food in terms of flavour along with the texture which is oily and the strong-smelling fresh fish mainly Salmon is used with fillets of fine sea salt and marinate it for 30 minutes.

Preparing the fillings along with crab and tuna with the meat from Dungeness along with blue or king crabs is best. If a piece of Tuna is sinewy along with simply scraping the meat off the sinews with sharp knife. After that preparing the filling with Salmon and Cucumber is across the grain into strips with 4 inches long and 1/4 inch thick.

Two types of veggies and fish are chosen with carrots and cucumber which works well and it can be considered to cook it with artificial cooked crab. Also, some dried seaweed along with uncooked rice and then 2 cups of rice is cooked in rice cooker.

A cutting board is used for washing the veggies and the carrots is cut half-lengthwise along with long skinny strips for cucumber as well. The crab can be cut into little strips as well and the checking of rice. Mixing thoroughly by slicing the rice with wine and vinegar and placing the seaweed layer on a bamboo mat. It should be spread out as there with dampening the end edge with rice vinegar and then crab is spread into rice.

Rolling the bamboo into a long roll by first folding the bottom third then roll it up. Removing the Shushi roll from bamboo cut out as follows and the cutting technique should be ensured to make sure that nothing should spill out of roll making the Shushi perfect food.