Tempura Food, Japan

What is Tempura: Tempura is one of the Japanese dish which consists of seafood and vegetables which gets battered and then deep fried. It is also influenced by fritter-cooking techniques which was introduced by Portuguese residing in Nagasaki in 16th Century.

How to make the Tempura (Food recipe): Tempura is one of the Japanese recipe made out of batter and then it is fried with cold water and soft wheat flour. The batter is made with eggs, baking soda or baking powder along with starch or oil and the spices are also added into it.

The frying of Tempura is done along with slices or strips of vegetables and it is briefly fried in hot-oil. The vegetable oil or canola oil are the most common however the tempura is traditionally cooked using the sesame oil or the tea seed oil. Once the cooking of shellfish, squid or hard-skinned watery vegetables along with bell-pepper or eggplant skin is pulled out with knife and the certain compounds helps to produce lighter, crispier batter.

The various ingredients along with seafood and vegetables are commonly used as ingredients with the traditional Tempura. One of the most popular seafood Tempura is probably very handy and easy to make. It can be eaten alone as a starter with good sprinkle of rock salt along with halves of lemon or lime and also with the help of some dips.

Vegetable Tempura Recipe:

The vegetable Tempura recipe is easy to make with the less of preparation time and good to eat:

1.All the flours are added to the bowl and with handle of spoon or chopstick is mixed and stir in the ice-cold water. The mixture gets slightly thicker than buttermilk consistently and the Tempura is easy to make home with three-ingredient recipe.

2.In a separate medium bowl, one has to gently beat the egg, whisk it and seltzer water along with vodka is poured in it.

3.Sweet potatoes are dip into the batter along with adjustment of heat of the frying pan with the same dipping and frying procedure with green beans and parsley leaves. The fried vegetables are served along with appetizer while preparing seafood.

4.Whisking together of remaining halves of dry and liquid batter along with ingredients of repeat dipping and frying with shrimp and fillets help to serve immediately.

This is one of the most popular and best served dish from the Japanese cuisine stable and it helps to get the food tempo right for any time during morning, evening or those nights when there is sudden attack of hunger in mind.