Tokyo City Tour, Japan

About Tokyo:- Every person wishes to visit this beautiful city as it is the centre for the glitterati and the literates at the same time. The people from all over the world either want to have a work stint at this city or want to spend some quality time here. The Emperor of japan stays here and also it is the house of parliament of Japan. It is the capital city of the Japan country. The perfect metropolitan which combines a unique characteristic of Tokyo and ranks first in the Global Economic Power Index with the name of being the Alpha city.

It has the largest metropolitan economy in the world and is a major international finance centre with the climate being humid subtropical. If one talks about the temperature it ranges about 20-30 degree celsius during summers and the winters are usually mild which ranges from 0-10 degree celsius where the temperatures could plummet to below zero during nights. Snow is rare but if it does it brings the nation to a halt. The famous cherry blossoms bloom during March-April and the entire park and streets are filled with beautiful well-lit flowers.

Anybody who plans for the Tokyo Tour, Tokyo Travel, Tokyo Holiday, Tokyo Trip, Tokyo Vacation and Tokyo Tourism will be surprised to see the fast moving city with the all the neon-lights and skyscrapers along with the packed local trains with salaryman crowds. The city has a cutting-edge architecture along with all the futuristic technology under one roof. With the perfect blend of modern and ancient structures with the plant-covered wooden houses and grannies over the cycle along with the old school sweet shops with some of the village-like lanes makes it one of the hyperactive skyline to get changed as it is said that the Japan is Nippon or the land of the rising Sun.

It also has a greater nightlife and on the other side it has some great temples to look for while the local fish market can be visited to buy all kinds of Fish and products made out of Fish. The Tokyo city is connected by all the major airports from all over the world along with the currency which is Yen where the 1 YEN= Around 137 yen or approximately somewhere near to it which makes it easy to shop and dine along with a great place to spend the money if you have a good amount to carry with you. If one thinks about the restaurants then much of the Food is of Japanese Shushi style and the food centers are dotted all across the major attractions of the city.

Tourists attractions:- Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower, Mori Art Museum, Rainbow Bridge, Sky Bus Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree.

Things to do:- Yoyogi Park - Trip, Tsukiji Fish Market - Trip, Sento - public bath, Tokyo Pub Crawl, Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Disney Resort, Party in the Park, Sumida River - Boating, Sumo tourney - September.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 0.9 1.7 4.4 9.4 14.0 18.0 21.8 23.0 19.7 14.2 8.3 3.5
Average High (℃) 9.6 10.4 13.6 19.0 22.9 25.5 29.2 30.8 26.9 21.5 16.3 11.9

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Distances from Tokyo:-

Yokohama City : 39.8 KM

Osaka City : 503.0 KM

Nagoya City : 346.6 KM

Sapporo City : 1153.8 KM

Kyoto City : 452.5 KM

Kobe City : 520 KM

Nearest Major Airport:- "Narita International Airport" which is just 77.5 KM distance from Tokyo city centre. It is the busiest airport of the Japan country.