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Tsukiji Fish Market Tour, Japan

Fish is an important aspect of the food and its ingredients in the Japanese food culture. Whether, it is Tuna or even the big fish like Whale the Japanese love food in any forms. The fish and its food products which helps to give the culture a healthy lifestyle because of the rich protein intake make many of the people to flock near the nearest fish outlet where they look for the various fish species and get the other byproducts of fish to get it cooked and thus enjoy the meal. If the food is rich then the habits become richer and the person enjoys lifestyle in more beautiful manner than others.

If one thinks about the Tsukiji Outer Market which is known for the fish then the district adjacent to the site has got the new fish market by the name of Toyusu Fish market. If the person feels to know more about the details then the CNN Food and drink section has explained about the movement of Wholesale Fish Market to it’s new destination. The October 6, 2018 has seen the closing of the Tsukiji Fish Market and the opening of new Fish market started operating on October 11 by the name of Toyushu fish market helping the people to buy good quality of fish and its byproducts at appropriate prices.

The Tsukiji Fish market was popular but has become old but the new structure at the Toyushu Fish market has become one of the iconic fish market with people also getting the various Tuna auctions which are a part of the daily bargains in the fish market. With the iconic turret trucks moving throughout the market it has become the mascot of the fish market and helps in delivering the food products at the right time. The building is developed in the form of a supermarket with two interconnected buildings which is one for the seafood and the other for the wholesale fruit and vegetables.

If one talks about the fun factor attached with the fish market then it is almost the twice size of the earlier Tsukiji Fish market and has gained popularity as the biggest fish market in the world along with restaurants where one could splurge on meals with 40 foodstalls in the lively market which is abuzz with people all around. The fish market does not charge any entry fees and people also go to enjoy and understand the fish culture which is a part and parcel of people from Japan and adjoining areas.

Open Hours:- 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Closed Day:- Sundays and some Wednesdays

Location:- Tokyo Capital City, Japan

Tokyo Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 0.9 1.7 4.4 9.4 14.0 18.0 21.8 23.0 19.7 14.2 8.3 3.5
Average High (℃) 9.6 10.4 13.6 19.0 22.9 25.5 29.2 30.8 26.9 21.5 16.3 11.9

Distances from Chuo:-

Tokyo City : 1.9 KM

Yokohama City : 34.5 KM

Osaka City : 505.8 KM

Nagoya City : 353.7 KM

Sapporo City : 1113.7.9 KM