Unagi Food, Japan

What is Unagi: Some of the most loved food around the world is “Japanese Dish” and the most loved flavour with the easy Unagi Don grilled with rice bowl recipe. It is the Japanese word for Eel and the Donpuri dish top servings of white rice with fillets of freshly grilled Eel. It is seasoned with homemade Unagi sauce and is also served as a part of Unadon. Unagi is a high protein with Vitamin and Calcium along with the roasted Unagi that is roasted with salt is known as “Shirayaki”.

Unagi is served as a part of Unadon ( Also, spelled Unagidon, esp. In Menus in Japanese restaurants at Western Countries). A special day for Unagi is kept for eating Unagi at midsummer day of the Ox. It is a food which is high in Protein, Vitamin and Calcium.

Sometimes eating the food during a particular weather also creates a difference. So, the Unagi Food which is cultivated during May to October, is regarded as a prized food because of its soft, fatty meat and bolder rich taste.

How to make the Unagi (Food recipe): Here are some recipes to cook Unagi and serve it with love:

Unagi no Kabayaki:

Kabayaki is one of the cooking style in which a fish is filleted, deboned, butterflied and skewered after which it is brushed with a special tare along with a sweet soy sauce.The most popular ways to eat Unagi is through serving it with rice and kept in a bowl or in special lacquerware is known as Jubako. At Unagi no Kabayaki is the signature dish and it comprises of a whole Mikawa eel with soft fluffy Koshihikari along with rice and secret dipping sauce which is an aromatic and delectable match.

Eel Nigiri:

Eel Nigiri is also called Edomae Shushi which is the most common way of eating the Shushi in Japan. It consists of a ball of pressed rice with strip of Shushi which is called a Neta meaning ingredients. Both of the Unagi and Anago are popular types of Neta and the grilled and brushed types of food is served with slices of Nilgiri. Robust flavor of Eel gets complimented by sweet and plain rice making it a complete food.

Eel hone Senbei:

The meaning of hone is bone in Japanese and senbei are traditional crackers. A popular dish at Japan which is a deep fried giving a crunchy, light and salted flavor. The eel is cut into a proper length and thus the spine of eels along with backbones make a great ingredient of Senbei.

Thus, Senbei is easy to make and ready to eat dish by Japanese.