Cherry Blossoms Tour, Japan

Yoshino Cherry blossom is a perfect place to watch the cherry blossoms into full view and Yoshino is the perfect place to watch the beautiful cherry flowers in full bloom. People say that first cherry blossom was planted along the mountain slopes over 1300 years ago and now it has covered approximately 30,000 cherry trees of many different varieties which is of the Yamazakura variety. It is said that rather than a free standing mountain Yoshinoyama it has a north-facing mountain slope. The mountain is primarily divided into four areas with base to top having four name’s and from every point different view is found of the cherry blossoms.

Shimo Senbon is Lower Base with 1000 trees

Naka Senbon is of the Middle 1000 trees

Kami Senbon is of the Upper 1000 trees

Oku Senbon is of the Inner 1000 trees

Enjoying the Cherry trees while taking down the ascent from the mountain gives a breathtaking view and the simple word could be mesmerizing which can be enjoyed while passing Yoshino’s touristy town. With the various temples along with shrines and enjoying hanami in the parks along with the viewpoints and the cherry blossoms start opening in late March or early April.

It is said that Yoshinoyama’s Cherry Blossoms start opening in late March or the early April and it is said that with the range of elevation, the blooming season gets staggered by the couple of days between the Shimo( lower) along with Naka ( Middle) and Kami( Upper) Senbon areas which is open considerably. It is said that the trees in the Oku Senbon area with a lot of open areas where one could go for the starting date and length of the season with quite a bit from year to year.

The Shimo Senbon ( lower) area which encompasses the base of the mountain around Yoshino Station and the lower part of the town. The Yoshino station is a part of the ropeway which bypass the ascent between station and the lower part of the station. The entire area is into full bloom which encompasses with the steep ascent along with the waiting time for the ropeway gets very long during the summer season. The entire area gets lit-up with the colors of pink and one can also access it during the season from Late March to early May with shuttle buses and it operates between Yoshino Station and the Naka Senbon area near Chikurin-in temple.