Yuki Matsuri Festival, Japan

Festival History:- Yuki Matsuri snow festival is one of the most beautiful festival where the Snow is sculpted in all kinds of structures making the various kinds of designs such as monuments along with the various measures up-to 25 meters wide along with some as high as 15 meters high and are exhibited free. The nearest festival which is about to happen within a few months is just to happen in February 4 to 11. The festival celebration got started in 1950 with high school students and built a few snow statues in Odori park. A commercial event with spectacular snow and ice sculptures which attracts more than two million visitors from Japan and across the world.

Festival celebration:- The festival celebration is done at a city located in the island city of Hokkaido. The winter wonderland is dominated by enormous ice along with ice and snow sculptures. The work of the frozen along with magnificent spectacles along with larger than life images of the animals with historical monuments to various scenes from Japanese cultures. The festival attracts about 2 million people each year with only 3% of whom are through international visitors and the sculptures are created through the expert team from all over the world. The various snow sculptures made are of either the daily products or the sculptures of various monuments. Japan Trip & Europe Trip

The Festival food:- If the food is concerned then Yuki Matsuri snow festival then the unconventional food which can be termed as snacks are more popular and the e.g. is Long Potato which is always a hit with any event or any nationalities. The great soups which are part of every Japanese Gourmet is provided in terms of free samples. The other high quality food is concerned then the Shiltake mushroom with cheese helps to get more out of the food particulates. The food is not only cheap but also sumptuous with seafood being the best whether it is Prawn, Oyster, Sanma Fish along with Scallop or squid giving anyone a run for money when it comes to getting the food in its cheap on pocket and best in terms of calorie intakes.

Festival facts:- Few of the beautiful facts related to Yuki Maturi Snow Festival are Lavender season in Furano and the first snow festival was held in 1950 in Odori Park. In the winter of 1959 about twenty five hundred people participated in making snow sculptures. With that international and Japanese media hailed it as one of the turning of lights on kind of festival and thus it has become a remarkable festival in 21st century.